published Nov 13, 2008, last modified Dec 30, 2022

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Listen to this former trans person discuss the irreversible reality he has to bear now. Listen to the voice of experience — detransitioning is much more painful than not transitioning at all.

Take note: the area devoted to labeling the skin color of "the owner", is more than four times larger than the price of the product. Except, of course, if "the owner" is white — I guess those debbils should be lucky that the store still carries their products at all.

From a certain –ahem– angle, it's not hard to understand why Justin Trudeau tends to act authoritarian... you could say, perhaps, like a Communist.

An easy way to spot the lunatic who has faith in the Climate Apocalypsis: contrast what he does with what he preaches.

Read this revolting writeup by an associate professor of "medical ethics", arguing unironically that you should be drugged against your will to make you more obedient. Rest assured, it has not escaped us that the "medical ethics" profession is full of people who unironically equate ethics with coercing people to comply with their agendas — rather in direct contradiction of what common sense ethics is.

As you well should know, the science is settled, and science is never about questioning the authorities that tell you what the consensus is, and what you should believe.