What is "malinformation"?

published Feb 16, 2022

Tip: the term has nothing to do with actual, truthful information.

What is "malinformation"?

In common practice, malinformation — also known as disinformation or misinformation — refers to only one concept, which has four elements:

  • The discussion and dissemination of
  • information, often true and accurate, that
  • undermines trust in the State, or
  • undermines trust in an institution / business serving State agendas.

Another way of saying this, is that the term "malinformation" is manipulative propaganda deployed to preemptively undermine truths inconvenient to the State and its lackeys — collectively often named The Cathedral, understood as a "public / private partnership" in the fascist / WEF sense of the word.

We know the term is a propaganda formula, because it does not just imply (wothout proof) hat the "misnformation" is false; it also implies that the "purveyor of malinformation" has a malicious intent to deceive you.  If the user of the term truly wanted to inform you about whether something is true or not, he would simply state so, then prove it.

When you see the term deployed, understand that the person using the term likely doesn't care what is or isn't true; he is simply defending an unstated agenda by poisoning your well against ideas that contradict said agenda.