DEI explained in simple English

published Feb 24, 2022

James Lindsay explains what diversity, inclusion and equity really are.

DEI explained in simple English

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A quick thread on DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion): DEI is Communism for the 21st century. E, Equity, is the goal; D&I, Diversity and Inclusion, are the means.

A DEI officer in your institution or company is a political officer, a commissar.

Equity is the goal of DEI. It means adjusting shares to make people equal by making group categories equal. Administering equality through redistribution is socialism. When the guiding theory of redistribution is Marxist, it is Socialism, enforced pseudo-Communism.

Marxist Theory holds that if Socialism is enforced long enough and forcefully enough, the people who live with it will come to see it as natural and just and be psychologically incapable of living without it. It will then be spontaneous, and the administration will wither away.

Equity under Woke Marxism is the repackaging of Socialism for neo-Marxist (Critical) Identity Marxism, which mostly replaces class antagonism with identity politics. It's still the same. Your DEI officers exist to bend your organization to enforcing Equity, i.e., Neo-Socialism.

Diversity is a ruse, worse than a fraud. Critical and Woke Marxists interpret views through a lens they call structural determinism, which says that structural power determines ones views and values. Thus, to qualify as "Diverse," you have to articulate your determined voice.

You are not "Diverse" unless you give voice to the Critical Woke Marxist perspective of your identity—unless you have the Woke politics. This is why Larry Elder was called "the black face of white supremacy" by the LA Times. He's not "Diverse" because his voice isn't Critical.

Diversity is therefore a matter of your politics first and your appearance/identity second. This makes it a political office. When the underlying political theory is Marxist, it makes those officers and voices commissars. Diversity is the installation of commissars for Equity.

Inclusion is a justification for purges and censorship of ideas and people who do not support Party goals (Equity, the totalitarian enforcement of Socialism). Political officers have the unique lens to determine what behavior and speech creates feelings of "exclusion."

Exclusion must be understood structurally, like everything else in Marxism. Only oppressed ("protected") classes can be structurally excluded, and only DEI commissars and structurally aggrieved members of victim classes can ascertain what is "exclusionary" to them.

Ideas that "harm" "protected classes" must be repressed to promote "Inclusion" (Repressive Tolerance, creating tolerance by repressing opposition to Marxism). This can include the mere presence of "problematic" individuals, necessitating political purges. Censorship and purges.

DEI officers are therefore Identity Marxist commissars. They enforce a new form of Socialism ("Equity") by appointing themselves ("Diversity") and purging dissent and dissenters ("Inclusion").

"Belonging" takes Inclusion a step further by demanding positive affirmation for "Diverse" (political) members of "protected" classes. Please clap. Don't stop clapping. Whoever stops clapping first is not promoting "Belonging" and may be "problematic," requiring purging.

But James! Big corporations and billionaires are requiring this stuff through ESG requirements, not "Marxists." Listen, my sweet summer child, it's those people who have the grand (Marxist) vision for the world, and DEI, is a nearly perfect tool for arbitrary enforcement of rules.

Meanwhile, the big players look so moral, so socially just (actually, Socially Just, which means Neo-Communism, what you get after enforcing Social Equity until people need it to function). It's a perfect (Marxist) cover for their power grab.

Under the S ("Social" (Justice)) of ESG, big power brokers who want totalitarian control of everything can entice and force companies and institutions, and eventually individuals, to adopt DEI standards they set, which will be rooted in redistribution (Marxism) indefinitely.

Because the Social Justice requirements look positive and forward thinking (a next-generation "civil rights" initiative) while being rooted in Identity Marxist (arbitrary power-grabbing) Theory, which is fake, they're perfect for the task of creating "Social" commissars.

Now you understand how DEI is the practical installation of a (Neo)-Communist program in institutions from which power flows and its simple relationship to the broader ESG ("Sustainability") power-grabbing device, which is both fascistic and Communist in this way.

DEI isn't just a fraud, and it's definitely a fraud, it's also a racket, like installed by racketeering and extortion. Worse, it has a political agenda, installing a Marxian totalitarian system. I advise heavy legal action against it everywhere on any or all of these grounds.