published Nov 13, 2008, last modified Dec 30, 2022

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Happy first anniversary to the most obvious public medicine lie ever told. Yes, we remember when they lied that you wouldn't catch or transmit COVID, if you surrendered to these lucrative products.

The Bitcoin fundraiser for the Freedom Convoy succeeds where Gofundme crumbled. Watch Tucker Carlson echo the main takeaway of his Taylor interview: sovereign money cannot be stolen by decree.

Pay attention, because the person insisting "we must censor people who spread medical misinformation", and the person who insists men can get pregnant and menstruate, and the person who insists obese people are "healthy at any size", almost always happens to be the same venal dipshit.

The future of fiat money is clear, because it is the present already: you piss off someone powerful, they leave you broke at the push of a button. Bitcoin is the only money safe from this theft.

A large, growing proportion of COVIDians are becoming comfortable with expressing their murderous wishes publicly. This should alarm you — brainwash came and went, radicalization is happening now, actual democide usually comes next.

The international system of units and measures didn't have a unit for value. That's finally been fixed.

Listen to this former trans person discuss the irreversible reality he has to bear now. Listen to the voice of experience — detransitioning is much more painful than not transitioning at all.

Take note: the area devoted to labeling the skin color of "the owner", is more than four times larger than the price of the product. Except, of course, if "the owner" is white — I guess those debbils should be lucky that the store still carries their products at all.

From a certain –ahem– angle, it's not hard to understand why Justin Trudeau tends to act authoritarian... you could say, perhaps, like a Communist.