published Nov 13, 2008, last modified Feb 10, 2022

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The central institution of civilization is private property. If you undermine it, you destroy civilization. Those undermining private property know very well what their actions cause — it is no accident, and therefore you know them to be enemies of you and yours.

First, it was called a conspiracy theory by the Prime Minister himself. Then, they proposed it in earnest as "voluntary isolation". How long till they become literal concentration camps like the ones in Australia?

The minute they started defaming me and my family being an "antivaxxer", I understood what "antivaxxers" faced. Coordinated aggression breeds strange bedfellows.

A correlation graph between "fully vaccinated" and "number of new cases" as of now. I am told by trustworthy people that the line means "it's working".

Why you can't fix invidious feelings by appeasing envious people.

"Centralization of Credit in the Hands of the State, by Means of a National Bank with State Capital and an Exclusive Monopoly." — The Communist Manifesto, Karl Marx