Trudeau can steal your dollars, but not your Bitcoin

published Feb 15, 2022, last modified Dec 30, 2022

In the latest escalation against the Freedom Convoy, the Trudeau regime has given itself permission to sabotage the finances of everyone they accuse of "wrongdoing" — no evidence, sentence or even court order required.

Trudeau can steal your dollars, but not your Bitcoin

When you say "I got money in the bank", the actual truth behind the sentence really is "the bank owes me money".  Canadians might be soon learning the difference between actually having money and being victims of bad debt by fiat decree.

Canada's Deputy Prime Minister says that under the Emergencies Act, banks can immediately start freezing or suspending bank accounts without a court order, for mere suspicion of being associated with the trucker strike, with protection from civil liability.  Watch:


As you could have guessed, the woman making the announcement is part of the World Economic Forum clique — the globocommo control freaks who keep insisting that what they need is more power and control over you, especially over your money.  See for yourself:

This should be unsurprising to you, if you knew already that Trudeau is also part of the WEF crowd, with Klaus Schwab — their creepy leader — himself bragging about that.

The bottom line: In a fiat world where you incorrectly assume that debt is money, the authorities can squeeze a few people who control your finances, and bam, you're ruined.  In that fiat world, you have no recourse — all you can do is cross your fingers and nope that you won't be part of the next designated kulak group.  As you're witnessing right now, it doesn't take much for authorities to decide to do exactly that — especially in a world full of control freaks intolerant of dissent.

Remember: they are powerless to do this to your Bitcoin, because Bitcoin is not debt — it is sovereign money that only you control.