The audacity of the immune

published Feb 20, 2022

Canadian Emergency Act toadies provide an excellent example of this phenomenon.

The audacity of the immune

Here is a video depicting Jim Watson — mayor of Canada — detailing all the "benefits" of having (illegally) invoked the Emergencies Act for his gang.

Got what Jimmy said?

He said he's very happy his organization has benefited from the protests, since they now gets to enjoy the monetary proceeds of stealing other peaceful people's property and selling it off (a felonious crime usually known as conversion).

What he's not saying, however, is far more deafening.

He's not telling you that he will skate through all consequences any ordinary folk would normally suffer, if they did what he's doing.  He's going to skate through it all, because he is immune.  No one will indict him.  He will see no defendant's chair.  There will be no fish at his doorsteps.  His family — unlike the families of his victims — won't have to fear anything.  He's going to get away with stealing millions in property, legally, and there's nothing you will do about that.  His epic crime is legalized, through a simple governmental magic spell.  He and his gang can now commit evil with impunity, then turn around and blame his victims for his own actions.

And he knows it.

And therefore he can just... be honest about his perversity.

That is what I call — and you should also call — the audacity of the immune.