The abominable origins of gender theory

published Jun 20, 2023, last modified Jun 21, 2023

The beginning of modern child sexual mutilation is a cautionary tale the world has ignored.

The abominable origins of gender theory

The following post is a mirror from this Twitter thread, archived in the public interest.

What you are about to watch is deeply disturbing and unbelievably sad. In 2000 David Reimer went on Oprah to detail the horrors inflicted on him by Psychologist John Money, the man who invented the concept of Gender Identity. He appeared for the first time publicly on the Oprah Winfrey show to expose what had been done to him.

In the end, the burden imposed upon David proved too much and he took his life in a grocery store parking lot with a single shotgun blast to the head. His twin brother Brian also committed suicide.

With this in mind let’s look at the man behind this tragedy, John Money.

Not knowing what to do with her son, who had experienced a horrific circumcision, David’s mother turned to John Money after seeing him on TV.

Indeed Money’s prayers were answered in the form of the twins. He needed a way to prove his theory, the same theory being taught in schools as if it is a scientifically proven fact:

The theory of Gender Identity.

Money conducted many sessions with David and the subsequent recordings were released detailing what was discussed. Early on Money learned that David was not accepting of the identity imposed on him.

Not to be deterred and fixated on his demented theory Money moves forward and did so in a way many would consider inappropriate to say the least.

Money became more and more inappropriate showing a 7 year old photos of woman giving birth to show “Brenda” what female genitalia was. Not only that he found it appropriate to discuss sex reassignment surgery with the child making him very uncomfortable.

The abuse grew even more vile when Money made David and his brother pose nude in sexual positions so that he could take photographs. The photographs are said to be held at the Kinsey Institute and have never been allowed release.

By the time David was thirteen Money started pressuring him to have the surgery, something David was adamantly opposed to. Money even brought in an adult transgender person to help him convince David. This was David’s last session with Money.

Unbeknownst to David and his family even though Money knew his experiment and theory proved to be an utter failure, he began publicizing it as a resounding success. Academia as well as the press gushed over what they believed to be a successful transition. This angered David and he went public. The publicity eventually led to both David and his brother Brian’s death via suicide.

To this day John Money is praised and lionized by advocates of this pernicious ideology based on a theory proven to be fraudulent and yet here we are.

What you have just learned is the truth and mustn’t be ignored any longer. This ideology is ripping families apart and tearing at the fabric of society itself. Unless good people stand up and oppose this on a mass scale, it will subsume everything, leaving broken children and families in its wake, just as it did with patient zero, David Reimer.

Rest in peace, David.