Why has the Biden regime opened the border to millions of illegal aliens?

published Jan 05, 2024, last modified Feb 23, 2024

Class struggle 2.0.

Why has the Biden regime opened the border to millions of illegal aliens?

The following is an archive of a thread by James Lindsay on Twitter, with edits mine.

Necessary context: as this thread unfolds, millions of illegal aliens have invaded the United States over the past three years.  This is criminal activity, yet the U.S. government not only turns a blind eye to it, but in fact deliberately funds a lot of this activity¹ through nonprofit fronts (for some reason, the European Union funds those nonprofits a lot as well), and has threatened to punish U.S. state law enforcement trying to stem the oceans of people coming through the border.

We can therefore rule out this crisis being accidental, as the nation's news media quickly moves from the phase "it's not happening" to the "and we're so happy it is, bigot" phase.

¹ An archive of this video can be seen here.

The main things [the Biden regime] is importing with the border disaster are a crisis and, crucially, class struggle, which America mostly lacks.

Marxism is a manipulative ideology built on class struggle. If you don't have a permanent underclass, though, you lack a key ingredient to spark the chaos needed for Marxist takeover. You'll have to import one, then activate it. Then the explosive violence can begin. That's the border.

The factors that can make this sequence of events take place are:

  1. a Critical Theory of Identity, and
  2. the situation reaching crisis proportions before anything can be done to get it under control.

The crisis part is simple: a crisis — the most beloved tactic of Marxists everywhere — forces a reflexive environment and an urgent shitty solution, which might get them their Democrat voters.  There is precedent for this, as Reagan legalized the residence and subsequent nationalization of enormous amounts of illegal aliens, which directly led to California permanently becoming Democrat.  We already have AOC on record saying that, in order to "solve" the illegals problem, what must be done is "legalize them".

What's really coming, though, is a massive citizens vs. aliens class struggle.  Here's how we know this:

The framing of that struggle is Critical Immigration Theory.  This is a form of Critical Theory of Identity that is already popular.  If you've heard people discuss and defend the migration crisis by using abstract platitudes like "human rights," "global citizenship," and "no person is illegal," or if you've seen manipulative arguments used to suppress any opinion that opposes illegal mass migration, you witnessed Critical Immigration Theory in action.

Naturally, this framing is all nonsense (people don't just have a "right" to barge into your land, there's no such thing as "global" citizenship, and it is obvious that many people can and do commit illegal actions such as trespassing), but the fact that it's nonsense is irrelevant — all that matters is that the nonsense is meant to push the materialist conflict forward.

Why is this framing even necessary, though?  The framing is necessary because, ordinarily, your average cultural Marxist or NPC brainwashed by CRT would never accept mass immigration on his own.   Normally, the bourgeois Leftist would see illegal immigrants as leprous interlopers and threats to their economic interests, physical security and social stability.

Critical Immigration Theory will fix that.  This Theory is a necessary ingredient because it mixes socioeconomic oil (bourgeois Leftists, especially intellectuals) and water (illegal aliens).  It's like soap or any other surfactant — one end of the molecule mixes with water and the other with oil, enabling an emulsion. Explicitly stated: the Leftist intellectuals need a social theory to make the public accept foreign aliens as a basis for a class struggle that normally stands against them, and to make them believe (falsely) that the aliens and the Leftists are both on the same side of the struggle.

Critical Race Theory works this way too. At heart, it's a materialist (grifter) theory begging for affirmative action, handouts, welfare, and reparations, posing as a social theory that manipulates rich Leftist white guilt. That gets racist white Leftist elites to advocate for it, despite the fact that CRT explicitly wants their destruction.

—"We're on your side!"  — "But we're not on yours"

What the regime is doing, is importing the practical basis for a brand new Marxist class struggle that blends Marxism, Marxist Third-Worldism and Postcolonialism, Marxist Environmentalism, and Marxist Critical Race Theory themes, so the Left intelligentsia will advocate for it.

If you want to know how that looks like, current-year Europe is a preview.