Maoist revolution in the West?

published Jun 21, 2023, last modified Jun 25, 2023

The degeneracy you see promoted today is merely a program of destabilization.

Maoist revolution in the West?

Observe what happens today:

  • Communists in Communist societies ban porn and transgender ideology, and are extremely intolerant of anything that threatens the established order.
  • Meanwhile, Communists in capitalist societies promote porn, LGBTQIAP+, the destruction of the family, interracial hate, and tolerance for evil and destructive behaviors.

That is not a coincidence.

The best mental model to understand the contemporary cultural (degeneracy) currents, is to understand it a program to destabilize society and create the conditions conducive to a Maoist-style revolution.  Accordingly, Communists always ban whatever they must, and promote whatever they must, in order to first seize and then maintain power.

History confirms it, and here is a clear example.  Before the Chinese Communist Party took power over China in 1949, the CCP promoted "free sex" to destabilize the society.  After they took power, they criminalized "free sex" afterwards, in order to tighten their total control of society.  People were jailed or executed for having "free sex".

This 26 year old girl was shot for the crime of sleeping with multiple men.

Western Marxists today promote queer theory because it is a useful tool to destabilize society.  This is not just a theory or a useful model — well-cited authors have specifically written that their desired revolution will simply not come (because the West is too prosperous) until society is destabilized by deliberate creation of malcontents.  You can consult the literature of Frantz Fanon and Herbert Marcuse confirm that what they want is to seed a new Communist revolution, optimized to take advantage of the West's weaknesses.  Create misery, blame society for that misery, obtain revolution.

Just as the Maoists did, when the Western Marxists achieve absolute power, they will ban everything they are promoting now, if it does not help them to maintain power over their new order.

You will not be allowed to be your “authentic” self.  You can only be what they allow you to be!

To fail to understand this will be a lethal mistake for you, should the Western Marxists succeed.