Who are the people "defining standards of trans care"?

published Apr 25, 2023

And how rotten are the lies and deceit they're telling?

The following article archives this Twitter thread.

It was in 2022 that WPATH (the self-styled "World Professional Association for Transgender Health") declared “eunuch” a gender identity & recommended that doctors castrate people who want their body to “match” this self-image.

They cited 9 sources, counting The Daily Beast and a self-published book on fictional eunuch villains by a poet-journalist.  Of the few academic articles, nearly all concern survivors of prostrate cancer, which WPATH itself distinguishes from its “eunuchs.”

Whatever this is, it is not science, it is not evidence-based and it is not scholarship. It’s fetishist copypasta with a scalpel & a thirsty bank account.  We may never know how many transsexuals died because of their relentless, science-free recommendation that they undergo hormonal drugs and surgeries.

If you'd like to learn more about this organization called WPATH, read about them here (or the archive here).