This has been "the science" for the past two years

published Feb 11, 2022

The absurdity of it all is... insolent towards common decency.

This has been "the science" for the past two years

This lengthy list of absurdities is what authoritarians and journocels¹ — professional propagandists — have foisted on you as The Science:

  • Wearing masks from restaurant door to table protects us.
  • Masks aren't necessary while taking pictures.
  • Rulers only wear masks when on camera, but servants must wear masks at all times.
  • Natural immunity doesn't exist.
  • Non-COVID-19 health outcomes don't matter.
  • Teachers, school board officials admins and people right outside the school or after school are immune without a mask, but kids at desks for 8 hours a day must mask.
  • You only need to wait two (more) weeks to go back to normal.
  • You must take 2, 3, 4 injections or else you're killing grandma and must be forced to stay at home.
  • The death rate for the virus is 30%.
  • Putting a cloth on your face prevents you from getting or transmitting a virus.
  • People who surrender to Big Pharma treatments must retain privileges —formerly rights — that people who don't surrender were stripped of.
  • If you are not on board with the whole psychotic program, then you are anti-science and an enemy of humanity.

It's a cult.

¹ Term not mine — credits go to Eli Schiff.