The COVID-19 / HIV link explained

published Feb 10, 2022, last modified Feb 12, 2022

It took Twitter only a few hours to suppress the spread of this tweet pointing out a BBC news clip that admits some mRNA injections include HIV parts in them. We saved it for you in case of censorship.

The COVID-19 / HIV link explained

The following video — which refers to an mRNA therapy that produced false HIV positives — was initially broadcast by BBC and quickly went viral on Twitter:

The Twitter user who posted the video saw it almost immediately suppressed by the platform, with one of their standard deceitful warning inserts:

To be perfectly clear, we at do not know, are skeptical of, and cannot confirm if the mRNA injections (currently coerced on you) induce immune deficiency — nor does the video claim or insinuate that.  All we know is that the video is accurate, each one of the factual claims in the tweet are accurate as well, and incomplete information should be aided by more information (which, in fact, is what we are doing in this post by contextualizing the video

That said, in our clown world "misinformation" censorship era,  the mere presence of the infamous "misleading" insert on Twitter-shared information is cause enough for alarm that the information is, in fact, accurate and true.  Too many of their inserts turned out to be egregiously wrong since they were introduced.

The censorious program of the tech oligarchs is systematically venal in how it misinforms the public — all ironically done in the name of "protecting the public from misinformation".  At this point, if — hypothetically speaking — there was a democide taking place, I would not be surprised if Big Tech would do its level best to suppress or distort all true knowledge of the event.

Anyway, this is not Twitter, I can say whatever the heck I want here, and I choose to post the truth: at least one mRNA injection was causing HIV positive results.  Watch: