Martin Kulldorff purged by LinkedIn

published Feb 11, 2022, last modified Feb 14, 2022

His purging is clearly retaliation for his opposition to the lockdown narrative.

Martin Kulldorff purged by LinkedIn

From the Brownstone Institute we read:

The legendary Harvard epidemiologist Martin Kulldorff [ed: author of The Great Barrington Declaration], whose impeccable academic record includes writing statistical packages used the world over to assess vaccine safety, could not find a publisher for a piece opposing lockdowns. Finally, he decided to post it on his LinkedIn account. 

The posting of this article was an important moment in the modern historiography of lockdowns and the response. It became very easily the most important English-language dissent against the unprecedented and catastrophic response deployed by states all over the world. LinkedIn made this possible because it allowed its users the freedom to post their thoughts. 

Today, if you try to look at that piece, you will find that it is completely gone. Not only that, but LinkedIn, a platform originally designed to empower workers and professionals to network and find job opportunities to improve their lives, has deleted him as a person. 

The full banning is so new that Google still believes that the page is there:


It’s impossible to avoid the sense that the whole history of the pandemic and the response are being rewritten in real time by Big Tech to cover up what happened, who wrote what and when, and how the thing fleshed itself out in real time. That Kulldorff used the Great Barrington Declaration as his cover picture gives you a hint of where this is going.

And this is only one case about which we currently know. How many others have been deplatformed, made to disappear, vanished from history, deleted from the narrative? This is Orwell stuff, not fiction but reality. And it is going on everywhere. One might have supposed that LinkedIn would somehow be above the fray engaged by low-end platforms like Facebook and Twitter, that it would behave more professionally. Alas, that is not the case.

It’s not just about content. It’s about people’s lives. Martin, like so many millions of others, has invested vast time and focus on his LinkedIn profile. Now the entire thing is deleted – not even in response to anything he lately posted but mostly likely in retaliation for his role in crafting the Great Barrington Declaration, a document which is now on the verge of global fame for being 100% correct on the best-possible response.

Go read the full article.  An archive is linked below.

The article written by Martin Kulldorff that was censored by LinkedIn has now been reinstated, and is also archived here.