published Nov 13, 2008, last modified Dec 30, 2022

A shill for truth. Defiant heresy on cultural matters. Free software, voluntaryism and cypherpunk. Established 1999.

A video about the psychological connection between belief and abuse.

The physical, psychological and mythological effects and consequences of child abuse. A video series.

A handy resource to find out if you are in a worthwhile discussion or not. Heads up: Not just for religious or political debates.

Why do people cheat? What causes affairs? Towards a greater, more useful understanding of cheating and affairs.

Pathological ideas are ideas that lead to misery. They are like cancer in the sense that all they end up causing is pain to the bearer, and quite possibly death.

Why? Simple: using this key -- the secret piece of the puzzle -- people can now build hardware and free software compatible with HDMI, that can decrypt the encrypted video traversing between HDMI-compliant equipment, without having to obey the restrictions imposed by the HDMI oligopoly. Game over -- pirates 1, digital restrictions management AACSholes 0. One more note: using this key might be illegal in some parts of the world -- but whoever cares about what's right can't afford to care about what's legal.

A fascinating one-hour talk by Tom Woods where he fleshes out the history of rights and how the idea of rights has evolved through the centuries.

"The rules are for the peasants, not for the rulers." Or, how the very same act is either "good" or "bad" depending on rhetoric, sleight of hand, magic, lies.

Why do people continue to believe stupid and false things even after you've demonstrated to them that their beliefs are stupid?

"To Chen’s surprise, Felix and the others responded rationally. When the price of a given food rose, the monkeys bought less of it, and when the price fell, they bought more. The most basic law of economics — that the demand curve slopes downward — held for monkeys as well as humans."