published Nov 13, 2008, last modified Dec 30, 2022

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Mike Gogulski explains how leaving nations behind, indeed the very concept of nationality behind, is exactly like leaving an abusive spouse.

Statement from a voluntaryist regarding the Boston bombing.

If you want to understand your society as it exists today, here is what you need to know — in easy playlist form. This the terrifying nature of the sociopathic fascists around you.

Every day, actions performed by individuals doing business under the name "government" murder countless human beings. Here, we'll figure out how to solve the problem.

The answer is: because government. This is a story from the "justice" system that so many people worship irrationally, and what real people actually do when they are farcically forced by government to "judge" one another (translation: they almost unanimously ruinate the victim for their own personal gain). Fortunately, it has a happy ending. While reading it, please do think: you could be the next victim.

A very short explanation of Bitcoin, and the most frequently asked questions about it.