published Nov 13, 2008, last modified Dec 30, 2022

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A mathematically accurate representation of our political reality.

A man is now sitting in a cage like an animal because he refused to remove a hat. He harmed no one, he broke no law. The masters put him in a cage because he refused to acknowledge the masters. Note that one of the masters was wearing a hat all along. Double standard and hypocrisy? You decide.

What your interlocutor really means when he deflects, attacks or becomes irrational in a conversation with you.

For those of you who cut yourself, sabotage yourself, hate yourself, abuse yourself, kill yourself with starvation, try to commit suicide. This brought tears to my eyes.

A video about the psychological connection between belief and abuse.

The physical, psychological and mythological effects and consequences of child abuse. A video series.

A handy resource to find out if you are in a worthwhile discussion or not. Heads up: Not just for religious or political debates.

Why do people cheat? What causes affairs? Towards a greater, more useful understanding of cheating and affairs.