Cutting your nose to spite your face

published Jan 13, 2011, last modified Jun 26, 2013

Stupidity knows no bounds. A short story about Corporate America :-)

My friend found a way to automate the data entry but he didn't tell anyone. Instead, he made the script automate the data entry at 125% faster than the next fastest worker.


Then the guy just dicked around on the net for the whole day. He kept getting repremanded for spending so much time on the net but he was the most productive employee. He had an error rate of 0% too! He couldn't be fired.


He slowly increased the data entry speed until he just looked impossibly fast.


You'd think this story would end happily when they worked out what he did. He'd get a raise and be asked to look at other problems worthy of automation.


Quite the opposite. They fired his ass and better still, they fired the other data entry clerks.


So this guy was not only lazy enough to get himself fired. He got his entire team fired too.


Epic and depressing at the same time.


What glorious imbeciles, this guy's bosses.