"So why don't you resist the police or refuse to pay taxes?"

published Oct 17, 2010, last modified Dec 28, 2021

Because I'm not a martyr.

I get a lot of people that, once they find out about my political conclusions, they hint at me being a hypocrite because I pay taxes and stop when a policeman stops me.

I suppose the short answer to them is: well, next time an armed robber stops you, resist him without any weapons.  I mean, you agree that robbery is wrong, so resist it.  Let's see how that theory of resisting overwhelming evil pans out -- I promise I'll be the pallbearer.

However, I just found a much, much better explanation of the same idea here.  I'll share it with you (skip to mark 56m 52s):

The revolution is in the mind, the revolution is in language. You cannot frighten people out of fantasy... they are in those fantasies to begin with because they are frightened already.