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published Nov 14, 2008, last modified Dec 30, 2022

The likely scenario is the undoing of 1971, as the next years come up. This article does not contain ideas that are novel — at least for HODLers — but it does explain what a Bitcoin-indexed future looks like.

Can't go to the gym? Gym fees got you down? Plandemic broke your gym? Don't worry — with a little bit of cash, and 3 square meters to spare, you can have a safe place to exercise at home. You'll never ever have to leave your home again to exercise.

Cultures are born, reproduce, mature, decline and then die. Edward Dutton explains to us the rise of spiteful mutants, and the associated decline of intelligence at the general societal level, during the declining phases of cultures.

Imagine going on public television and not knowing that the Bitcoin supply is mathematically fixed.