How societies collapse into self-democide and civil war

published Oct 20, 2021

Organized violence in the name of good is the pillar on which all societies are built. A blanket rejection of violence is tantamount to societal collapse.

This is not original work — it is a reprint from an anonymous contributor.

For societies to function, there must be a set of agreed-upon rules, which in societies we call "laws" or "norms", to govern all individuals which comprise them.  Without those rules to abide by, individuals would likely work against each other and societies would collapse.  Even assuming the good will of the individuals comprising a society, having laws and norms allows us to determine, relatively uncontroversially, the point at which a dysfunctional individual must be stopped with force.

Of course, laws and norms are simply words.  Spoken words, or words on paper, but only words.  Specifically, laws gain power through their enforcement, and enforcement is only possible through actual violence or the implied threat thereof.  As an example — a man pays off a fine because he thinks it's the right thing to do, but what stops him from deciding he just doesn't feel like paying it, is the threat of being forcefully dragged to a dungeon.  And once in the dungeon, what keeps him behaving is the threat of further or crueler confinement, which again is achieved through force.

This, without violence, laws cannot be enforced.

If laws cannot be enforced, laws mean squat.  If laws mean squat, then nothing stops individuals from acting against other members of their society.  And if nothing stops individuals from acting against the well-being of others, then society eventually colleapses.  It will take longer in societies where most individuals are high-functioning and conscientious, but it will happen eventually.  What keeps the predatory, the sociopathic, the evil — all highly unconscientious and callous individuals — from gaining full power over functional and well-adjusted individuals, is the threat of violence, and only that.

Thus, the pusillanimous notion that "violence is never the answer" is laughable.  I know, I know — most of us teach our children that violence is wrong, that they must never use it, no matter what.  This teaching is dangerously wrong.  The end result of this "education" is to create a society of helpless slaves who will never protect themselves when they are abused.  It is slave morality — you and your family must reject it.

Yes, violence is acceptable, and even heroic, in the right circumstances.  It may not be desirable, but it becomes acceptable — nay, necessary — if one hopes to have a complex and functional society, and to outlive predators who would have no compunction about using violence against one.  Otherwise, what you have is merely a parody of society, a walking dead human organization, which does not work for the good and improvement of humanity, but rather for the glory of its sociopathic leaders — all very willing to direct violence at you, while very safe from violence directed at them.

This is, in essence, the reason behind the West's continued descent into decadence.  If the decent, righteous folks who constitute the majority of mankind refuse to engage in violence, then dysfunctional individuals — not obstructed by the false morality of "violence is always wrong" — won't hesitate to take what they want by force.  Over time, this will allow them to gain positions of power where they will weaken the laws even further and allow even more dysfunctionals into positions of power, until we reach a point where the common folk are dominated by a handful of psychopaths, refusing to defend themselves as they believe violence is wrong, —while letting violence be used to dominate them.

Once such a point is reached, the less intelligent brutes will begin using violence, not because they want freedom from the domnating castes, but merely because no one is willing to stop them.  The decent folk refuse to use violence to stop them, while those in charge don't care or, worse, merrily use violence to commit evils too.  Worse still, those in charge now hesitate to use violence to stop brutes, because it might set a precedent that the regular folks might just comprehend — that violence is in fact the answer to such savagery.

Does this sound familiar at all, dear Westerner?

This is how we wind up with chimpouts and riots all over the place.  Eventually, either when someone sees an opportunity to seize power, or the decent folks finally get fed up, civil war starts.  Once the civil war blows over, preople with power and will to enforce laws will create a new society, with new laws... but nobody can tell ahead of time if these new laws will be of the kind that permits a civilized society to sustain itself stably.

In conclusion: it is my belief that, to prevent a total societal failure of the West, it is imperative to teach (proper) violence to people again.  Teach them how to use it, when to use it, and why they must use it.

Remember: it is not a prayer that keeps the darkness at bay, but a sword.