It's not a question of what. It's a question of who.

published Nov 02, 2021

The climate hysteria has a purpose. It isn't to save the planet.

COP26 is underway.  It is the most carbon-intensive gathering of millionaires in, perhaps, ever.  Private jets, megayachts, dozen-car entourages.  To "save the planet".

I hope their hypocrisy lets you understand it has nothing to do with saving the planet.

The climate "crisis" is not a question of whether or not people can live on large plots of land, fly on planes, drive roomy cars, and eat steak.  That is conclusively thrown out the window the minute you see how hysteria advocates actually live

It's a question of who can do those things. The climate agenda is a pretext to reduce standard of living for non-elite people.  That means you.

They are trying to make you think that if you eat a hamburger or live in a house with a big yard, you’re causing wildfires and hurricanes and rising sea levels.  They, however, can eat caviar and fly jets everywhere.  You are an insect to them — expendable, pauperizable, a nuisance.

I generally hate when people say this, but in this case it’s literally a primitive religion; it’s like believing in raindances, a manufactured belief system with the purpose of enshrining a budding new caste system, where you'll have those who do as they please at the top, and you who is impoverished and kept permanently unable to rise above your assigned class.

Think.  People are being told by “scientists” to mortify and pauperize themselves to bring good weather.  How stupid must you be, to believe this?

It doesn't matter whether they sincerely believe in their decadent raindances.  What matters is what they'll impose on you and your children... assuming the circumstances of misery they bring about don't prevent you from having children.