UBI today, democide tomorrow

published Mar 06, 2022

Lacking understanding of human nature, most fans of universal basic income won't foresee this entirely predictable outcome.

UBI today, democide tomorrow

Proponents of UBI often (and correctly) point out there is an enormous gap in income between the bottom 80% and the top 20% of the population.  We may quibble about the proportions here, but it is a matter of undeniable agreement — among economists, politicians, pundits, even the WEF crowd —  that there is a small percentage of the public — a "class" of individuals — that outputs productivity orders of magnitude above the rest of the world.  Ask any individual what a "bullshit job" is, and they will have an answer.  Does everybody work a bullshit job?  No.  Q.E.D.

The much-anticipated "fourth industrial revolution" is projected to exacerbate this problem.  According to WEF, the "creative class" will be in charge of making sure that everything is automated as fully as can be.  Through their actions, this creative class will, sooner or later, make the majority of "bullshit jobs" obsolete¹, leaving the bulk of the ahem "non-creative class" (that 80% we spoke of) without any productive activity to support their own consumption needs.  (Left unstated, of course, is the assumption that WEF elites will be directing and staffing that creative class.)

In a nutshell, fully automated luxury gay Communism will "upgrade" that class divide from a low productivity 80% to a zero productivity 80%.  This development is universally expected to cause a civil unrest of epic proportions.

UBI proponents who foresee this civil unrest want to prevent it by granting that future 80% perpetual NEET class a steady, perpetual income stream.  Details vary among proposals, but the shared theory is that they will then just sit home and play vidya, not reproduce, and eventually become no one's problem.

Does anyone think this is how things are going to work out?

No, of course not.

What will happen, step by step over the course of decades, goes more like this:

  1. UBI shields healthy individuals from the natural motivation to self-actualize and become economically productive.
  2. The gigantic class of UBI-gilded individuals will rapidly drop their economic productivity to zero, and increase their economic consumption by however much they can "afford" with the new UBI gibs.
  3. This massive class of individuals will, sooner or later, lose their sense of purpose.
  4. Losing sense of purpose will cause them to become demoralized.  Put plainly: ever-decreasing poems and songs, ever-increasing booze and weed.
  5. Demoralized people turn to self-destruction, crime, and other antisocial activities.  They also become sick — not just physically, but mentally too.  Reproductive rates drop precipitously in this group.
  6. At this point, the UBI-gilded class has completed its degenerative transition, from low-productivity people with some opportunity to self-actualize, to zero-productivity people with no power to change that circumstance at all.  Note how UBI itself was sufficient to cause this outcome — there was no need for fully automated luxury gay Communism to bring it about.
  7. The creative class "begins to notice" the enormous drag in productivity, and tremendously-exacerbated socioeconomic cost, that the UBI-gilded class imposes on society.  (Obviously I can't predict how exactly they will phrase this "troubling discovery", but I can predict that they will phrase it in some form.)

Inevitably, someone will ask "do we really need all these people?"

It is at this point that the mask of compassion falls, as the creative class starts to speak openly about the need for eugenics to "control" the UBI-gilded class.  They'll start portraying the UBI-gilded class as "parasites", demonized, and dehumanized.  They'll start trying increasingly inhumane ways to control the destructive costs imposed by the UBI-gilded class.  You can solve for X and deduce where this leads.

How do I know this?

Because we've already seen it happen.  For those of you not well-versed in 19th and 20th century history, the eugenicists of yore drafted all manner of plans to exterminate many groups of people they considered "useless" (the Germans in particular had a sui generis term "useless eaters").  For many decades in the era, many people honestly and openly believed many other humans (never themselves, of course) needed extermination, directly or indirectly.  And this took place before the invention of modern dysgenic welfare policies that gave rise to the permanent underclass existing in the West.  To those of you who incorrectly believe humanity vanquished the eugenics and the classism demons, I suggest that it only became unpopular to speak of it out loud.

UBI is a fundamental change in how welfare policy is justified today — to wit, a switch from "mainly as a mechanism to help people overcome temporary hardship", to "we've given up on these people, let's facilitate them soma to keep them neutralized"  Of course, that's not how UBI is sold to the public — it's romantically sold as freedom from a bullshit job to engage in fun activities like art — but that's what it is.

What is currently sold as a "humane alternative" to bullshit jobs or their disappearance, will in fact be the cause for the destruction of so many people, and the stated reason (stated as "cost") for calls of their physical removal.

Be sure that some of these UBI proponents must know this will be the outcome of their plan.  Dumb people don't get to be PhD's in economics, or CEOs of megacorporations, or members of WEF.  A person who knows or suspects their proposal may bring about great evil, and still insists fanatically on implementing it, is doubly evil himself — he's conspiring to bring about evil, and he's doing it under falsely benevolent pretenses.  The only prudent course of action is to model them as if destruction of humanity is what they truly want, and plan accordingly.

Thus, UBI is a key step in the transformation of the vast majority of humanity — decent people, with hopes and dreams, desires to self-actualize, and bright lives — into a permanent class of "useless eaters".  From that point, plans for extermination are a certainty.

The purpose of a thing is what it does.

¹ Note that at no point do they concede the possibility that, perhaps, the low-productivity class can achieve steady increases in their productivity, even though that has been exactly what has been happening under mostly capitalistic industries and societies for over 100 years.  Misanthropy is built-in to UBI proposals.