🏳️‍⚧️ is not about identity. It's about truth.

published Mar 30, 2022, last modified Sep 21, 2022

The war is much bigger than you think — transgenderism is really only the latest battle.

🏳️‍⚧️ is not about identity.  It's about truth.

This is a reproduction of a thread from @remnantposting on Twitter.

I know I have been going on about the transgenderism stuff lately, and it's because I think this is more important than people really appreciate.

Leftists started by deconstructing human nature and promoting "blank slate" thinking—it all flows from that.  🏳️‍⚧️ is just the latest thing.

It's not just about "degeneracy" or whatever—this is about truth—the fact that it's even in dispute is a VERY bad sign for the future. Their whole aim is to make it impossible for anybody to agree on what's true and what's not, because this makes everything permissible.

You can't have "reasonable discussions" about anything if nobody can even agree on basic reality, and their true, stated goal — just look at the scholars in the critical theory / cultural Marxism space — is to make that impossible.

It's why they absolutely lose their minds when someone actually does something to stop them from teaching it to children.

This isn't a "blackpill" account and if you're unironically, no-joke "blackpilled" to the point of saying stuff like "just give up," this account isn't for you—I'm not sorry.

Tucker did something very important last night by tying the collapse of Human R¡ghts Campaign's gay advocacy to the astroturfing of transgenderism—and make no mistake, it is astroturfed. As far as real support goes, you don't get any more fringe than transsexuals.

The most fringe right-wing circles were talking about transsexualism as though it was normal all the way back in the '00s, I would know because I was in that milieu at the time. They didn't normalize this stuff through grassroots advocacy. It took billions in astroturf.

Yup, similar example can be seen in the Koch brothers donating to pro-immigration candidates because they didn't like Trump's anti-immigration rhetoric from 2016. There are no "sides" in the philanthropic NGO donor class complex.

It's really important and even though the issue is getting a lot of coverage in the mainstream, if you actually explain what we know about transsexualism to a normie, they wouldn't believe you at all, they would think you were crazy or deranged.  It's insanely hard to get from where a normie is to "where we are" in a short conversation. There's years of disinformation, misinformation and omission that needs to be backfilled. If you go quickly, you indeed come as as crazy. This is one of our greatest challenges.

Their method is to punish you cruelly and sabotage your life, if you dare say something true as elementary as "woman means adult human female".

Their vindictiveness and cruelty against people who say that, is prima facie evidence that their goal is to literally eliminate the truth.