What is a system pig?

published Apr 08, 2022

This selfish and deceitful personality archetype is one you must look out for.

What is a system pig?

This article is a compilation from a thread by Gonzalo Lira.

What’s a System Pig? He’s someone who works to shore up the Empire of Lies — in exchange for an occasional treat, a condescending pat on the head. He is perfectly aware of all the lies and horrors that the Empire carries out — he is aware, he’s not innocent.

Don’t confuse a System Pig with a useful idiot. The useful idiot praises the regime because he’s just stupid, lacking the IQ points to see through the lies. But the System Pig is smart. He knows that the currency of the Empire of Lies is half-truths and outright deceptions.

And the system pig is happy to traffic in lies — he thinks that’s how he’ll get ahead. He’s the journalist who twists the truth to please his editors. He’s the military officer more worried about diversity, equity and inclusion than about being combat effective.

He’s the pharmaceutical company executive who nods along to the presentation “Is Curing Patients a Sustainable Business Model?”

He’s the member of Congress who becomes a multi millionaire in just three or four terms in office.

She’s the school teacher who knows her students have learned nothing — yet gives them a C grade and lets them become someone else’s problem.

She’s the skinny Vogue editor who nods at the Fat Acceptance activist and agrees to put a heifer on the cover: “Fat is Healthy!”

He’s the policeman who shoots first and asks questions never.

He’s the lobbyist subtly bribing the Senator to lower the standards of the Federal regulator, so his client can make more money — and so what if the people get sick — they should sue the government!

The System Pig makes a living, sometimes a very good living — but he’ll never make real money. He’ll always be striving. And he’s never going to make it to the top circle — he will only ever be a servant of the top circle. Their little pitbull. Their little slave.

The System Pig is resentful of his masters in the top circle — but he’s terrified of becoming one of the masses. He hates the masses with all his might, because he fears he is not really any different from them. So he mocks them, belittles them, calls them bigots—he seethes.

The System Pig is trapped between resentment at his betters, and fear of becoming one of the lessers—and forever telling lies: To everyone, but most of all to himself. He knows that things are fucked up, that things are falling apart — like I said, he’s not blind or stupid.

But the System Pig doesn’t have the imagination to see things any other way. He truly believes that the Empire of Lies is the epitome of human civilization — even as he realizes (if only secretly to himself) that it is collapsing on all fronts with remarkable speed.

The System Pig knows that the regime he is so much a part of is rotten to the core — and collapsing. So he’s going to fight like hell to keep it going for as long as he can. And if that means telling more outrageous lies, killing more innocents, breaking more rules—so be it!

All the lies, murders and horrors will have been worth it, if the Empire of Lies endures. Because now that we are coming to the end, the truth of what the System Pig believes in is becoming horrifyingly clear: Survival is all that matters—whatever the cost to the soul.