Wokes are neither nice nor decent

published Dec 14, 2022, last modified Dec 31, 2022

They may claim to promote niceness and decency. They lie.

Wokes are neither nice nor decent

The myth that woke people are "nice" or promote "decency" is one of the most evil shields wokes use to impose their agenda.

Whenever you criticize their ideas, without fail out comes the farcical "why are you against being nice?" " why do you oppose decency?"

Those replies, in and of itself, are smokescreens designed to poison the well, turn the listener against you, and torpedo the subject being discussed.  They frame you as a malintentioned, indecent individual.  This is nothing short of manipulation.

Reject the false frame.  Be very firm whenever you get this lie.  Say it firmly and in unambiguous terms:

You are not nice people and you do not promote niceness, because you seek to suppress and pillory anyone who opposes your ideas.  You are not decent people and you do not promote decency, because you manipulatively attack individuals rather than ideas.  Finally, your ideas are dangerously bad for everyone, so if it is "not nice" to criticize them, then everyone needs to be extra not nice towards your ideas, and that is exactly what I will do.