digiKam and face recognition

published Jan 18, 2023

Some notes for myself on how to use face recognition best.

digiKam and face recognition
  • Recognize faces in digiKam also considers the tentative guesses, not just the unknowns — e.g. if a face tag X had 530 new tentatives, and you tag a few photos with other face tags, and this changes the algorithm's decisions, then the face tag X may reduce the count of tentative guesses.
  • If I run Recognize faces, then I re-run Recognize faces again without making any changes, the suggestions per person and the unknown tag do change counts
    • before: unknown 12460 me 302 gf 211 ignored 158
    • after: unknown 12466 me 303 gf 208 ignored 158
  • Changing the face accuracy slider towards specificity reduces the number of suggestions each face tag gets, and increases the number of unknown tags.  And vice versa.
  • Removing suggestions from a tag and re-running the face recognition process causes some suggestions to come back, but it looks like it does not make the old suggestions come back.
  • There's no need to "not a face" tags that already appear in the "not a face" section.  Just select them and reject them.