The law of no evidence

published Jan 10, 2023

Anytime you hear "no evidence for X", be almost certain its meaning is "evidence of bullshit".

The law of no evidence

This post is an excerpt from Law of No Evidence, written by Zvi Mowshowitz.  An archive is included in this post in case the original is removed.

Not only is ["no evidence of" -ed] ‘bad science communication’ it is also ‘not how this works, not how any of this works’ where ‘this’ is knowledge or actual science (as opposed to the brand the scientism of Science(TM)) and most importantly it is also evidence of bullshit, as per my proposed Law of No Evidence:

Law of No Evidence: Any claim that there is “no evidence” of something is evidence of bullshit.

No evidence should be fully up there with “government denial” or “I didn’t do it, no one saw me do it, there’s no way they can prove anything.” If there was indeed no evidence, there’d be no need to claim there was no evidence, and this is usually a move to categorize the evidence as illegitimate and irrelevant because it doesn’t fit today’s preferred form of scientism.