Pederasts are normalizing their activities under your nose

published Dec 13, 2022

Screenshots from a conversation of a Reddit community which clearly caters to adults who sexualize children.

Pederasts are normalizing their activities under your nose

Here we have a groomer Redditor, who lets his 12-year old son go fully bare around aroused adults at a nudist pool party.

One Redditor eagerly asks if the child masturbated after the event.

Another asks if “one of his new friends helped him out.”  Note how the original poster immediately responded by asking for a private conversation.

This conversation has nearly all the elements of pederasty: sexualization of children / young teens, prurient rubbing of hands about the sexual arousal of the child, even open speculation about involvement by other teens or adults.  The only thing missing in said conversation is details and photos of a sexual relation between the young teen and other partygoers.

It's a miracle Reddit deleted some posts here.  I presume those deleted were posts that were even worse than the ones we caught not yet deleted.  In all likelihood, Reddit Legal is not sorry their corporate peers enabled the behavior — they're just sorry they got caught.

Why does Reddit censor anything right of center — not just on an individual basis but entire communities —yet host entire communities of sick-in-the-head pederasts so they may confer about their exploits involving minors?

Dear reader: do you know what your son or daughter reads online?