Why authorities and media are denying COVID injection injuries

published Dec 07, 2021, last modified Feb 01, 2022

It's the Communist Way.

Source: Gab.

Normally, if an experimental medical treatment is showing really bad side effects, it's stopped, because normal people don't want to hurt other people.

That's not how Communists think.

In an upside-down clown world, normal ethics don't apply and morality is inverted.  The ruler's imperatives are paramount in Communism, so anything that could prompt disobedience must be destroyed, hidden, or denied.

Here we formalize:

  1. the Communist Principle of Blame: every time the Leader fucks up, his victims are to blame, and
  2. the Communist Principle of Damage Control: do whatever it takes, no matter how venal or malevolent, to prevent the public from learning the true cause of a fuckup (to wit: the Leader's decisions).

In short: Communists can't admit they were wrong, and will commit any evil they can get away, with to prevent admitting they were wrong.  Search for "Lysenkoism" if you need confirmation.

Yes, this is mostly what we mean when we say that Communists are profoundly evil.  Turns out Communists in power have quite a lot in common with that lying cheating stealing whore ex girlfriend of yours, just multiplied by 10000X.  Heck, at least your girlfriend probably wasn't thinking "it's for your own good" when she stole from and betrayed you.

Sadly — surprise! — you are living in a Communist clown globohomo world:

  • The "vaxes" are distributed in a Soviet manner.
  • You are forced to pay for them.
  • The contracts are secret and ludicrously lucrative.
  • You are also being coerced into being injected against your will forever.
  • All media (legacy and social) has neutralized any message that contradicts the coercion.
  • And they're building concentration camps to pen healthy people who resist.

Nearly every square inch of the world is either already fully there with this totalitarian "plan" or getting there.  Stalin could not have dreamed more success than this for himself.  Quod era demostrandum.

Thus, in Communist globohomo clown world, side effects of the scale exhibited by the global "vaccination" program require a cover-up and plausible deniability to protect Big Pharma, politicians, and their profits; so, the more side effects there are, the harder the double-down and the harder the failing medical therapies have to be mandated.  This process of global coercion and suppression eliminates the control group who didn't get the therapies, and any comparison between the two groups is eradicated, successfully sabotaging research into evidence the forced medical therapies are in fact causing the sudden rise in "inexplicable" health problems.

Read again: as side effects increase, and more people die because of these side effects, the number and severity of forced medical mandates will increase.

And this is how the Communist is "always right".

"But, Rudd-O, none of the people imposing these measures say they are Communists?!"

After being lied to hundreds of times by them, do you still believe those people?

Suppose you're right in the strict sense — none of these people identify as Communist or even consciously sympathize with Communist principles.  Let's stipulate that.

What difference does it make?  Zero difference.  You are still living under global medical tyranny that has unfolded exactly as historical Communists executed on their own regimes.  If you model the last two years as a totalitarian Communist takeover of every practical aspect ow your life, you would have predicted exactly every point of the dystopia you live in, and more.  The self-professed Communists have done all of this before, and it got worse over time.

Thus, you would be wise to — even if technically false — continue to model the world that way.  That is, if you want to survive what's coming.

Or you can autistically focus on finding the "right" word, as the noose tightens around you.

Your call.