"Kill the unvaccinated"

published Dec 08, 2021, last modified Oct 13, 2022

Most of the civilized world is crossing a barbaric line, and there might not be a way back. The signs of organized violence and mass formation are already there. Learn, step by step, how we got here.

"Kill the unvaccinated"

The following article is a translation of this excellent (if terrifying) article at ScienceFiles.org.  We have arranged a mirror archive in case the article is sabotaged or censored by third parties.

Sooner or later, every cult undergoes a radicalization.

The one question that keeps arising with religious cults is: will the members of the cult cross the dividing line between their fundamentalism and terrorism?

Douglas Pratt told us what follows in his article Religion and Terrorism: Christian Fundamentalism and Extremism” (originally published 2010 in the journal Terrorism and Political Violence).  He uses a captivating multiple-phase model to describe the path from passive fundamentalism to terrorism.

Passive fundamentalism can be described by a set of three criteria.  These criteria are intrinsic to and deeply ingrained into the religious cult:

  1. Faith absolutism; the fundamentalist is convinced that he owns the truth.  Faith absolutism is underpinned by the assumption that one can recognize the core of one's own convictions completely, for example, through reading of scripture — the modern secular version of which could be e.g. avid consumption of IPCC reports — or other forms of affirmation of said convictions.  In our modern Zeitgeist, those who are completely convinced that Man is causing climate catastrophe, and those who are blindly convinced that COVID-19 mRNA therapies are 100% effective and have zero side effects, perfectly fulfill this criterion of faith absolutism.
  2. Faith absolutism requires the blessing of an authority, e.g. the Pope, an Ayatollah, the Bible, priests.  In our Zeitgeist, this role is fulfilled by regulations and laws, as well as those who order, enforce, and proselytize them.  For the vax fundamentalists, these authorities are to be found among those who monotonously repeat the "benefits of vaccination" and the "dangers of the pandemic": Klugscheisser types like Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, and their favorite Messiah-politician.
  3. Finally, a passive fundamentalism claims comprehensive and universal validity.  With a fundamentalist it is not possible to discuss.  He believes he knows what is right and he is not pliable to critiques or observations of fact.  Try to have a fact-based conversation on the topics of mRNA therapies or the pandemic with a vax fundamentalist, and you'll immediately know how this criterion looks like.  His refusal to have an honest conversation is naturally based on the fact that the fundamentalist cannot give a rational basis for his beliefs — he may be able to reproduce bits of the cult's programming or propaganda from its authorities, but not craft arguments.  Inevitably, the gap between the faith and reality grows, thus the increased need to avoid discussing the articles of faith with non-cultist others.  With this, the first phase is complete, and the first step to offensive fundamentalism has been taken.

The offensive form of fundamentalism is adopted by the cultist to actively distance himself from third parties.   The following criteria are observed in this form:

  • The core of one's own religion — that which constitutes "revealed knowledge" of the religion, codified in a Bible, or a Koran, or a Talmud... or a law, or a regulation — is The Truth.   The self-confident offensive fundamentalist is convinced, that each sentence in his holy scripture is 100% true, and he makes strenuous efforts to learn these diktats practically word-for-word.  In current times this Truth can be found in the Landesverordnungen zum Schutz vor Neuinfizierungen und im Infektionsschutzgesetz [n.b. a set of German ordinances and laws which, much like the Nuremberg Race Laws, codifies stigmatization and discrimination under threat of force against people who refuse injections].  Both serve as foundations to (a) proclaim the Holy Truth about the Vaccines, and (b) to enforce the Truth by punishing the Unbelievers, the "unvaxxed", the "wreckers".
  • The self-confident, offensive fundamentalist sees in community structures and institutions support for his beliefs and activities — e.g. in the form of faith groups that isolate themselves from the outside world and congregate around a common set of unmovable truths.  Today's vax fundamentalists are not a small minority against society and the political institutions.  The danger of vax fundamentalism is that political and social institutions support it overwhelmingly, making the tenets of said fundamentalism binding upon the whole of society — not unlike the Aryan narrative having bound the entirety of society to the whims of an intolerant community of party comrades and sympathizers.  We may not have party comrades nowadays, but we certainly have vax comrades, complete with social media virtue-signaling, logos, corporate endorsements and literal non-stop propaganda.
  • The cementing of the group leads to hostility and radicalization against dissenting opinions and people, where everything that appears "liberal" (in the sense of "live and let live") is demonized and rejected, since the only solutions are to be found in the dogma of the fundamentalist — comprehensive and indisputable as it is.  The seclusion of our most modern fundamentalist group is accompanied by devaluation of others, who are disparagingly stigmatized as unbelievers, covidiots or subhuman.  The experiences that many have had, attempting to navigate the hysterical discussion — about SARS, COVID-19, and the absolutely absurd "fight against COVID" with rushed, little-tested and ineffective emergency medications — using reason and and rational arguments, confirm this point to the extreme.  [n.b. if you would like to share your experiences having one of these non-arguments with vax fundamentalists, use our comment link below.]

From self-confident offensive fundamentalism, whose members derive their self-assuredness from isolating themselves from others, or breaking off all processes of rational thought in spectacular ways, or the ensuing stage of invincible grandiosity ("we are the good guys, all those other people are killing grandmas!"), or their belief (perhaps justified) that "we are the majority!", we get to the stage being set for violent fundamentalism, in turn defined by the following criteria:

  • One's own ingroup is elevated in relation to the rest, defined as: everyone who does not belong to our group, are subhuman accordingly, and must be demonized — perhaps as hostile, perhaps as satanic, perhaps as perversely evil.  The attempt  Die eigene Gruppe wird erhöht, als von höherer Salbung definiert: Alle, die nicht der eigenen Gruppe angehören, sind entsprechend Untermenschen und werden dämonisiert, als feindlich oder satanisch beschrieben.  You may have already noticed the continuous attempts to stylize the "vaxed" as more emphatetic, more insightful, and whatever other virtues people would like to deny to the "unvaxed", to declare them enemies of the community.
  • A higher degree of nobility is ascribed to one's own actions, and represented as directly ordained or legitimized by some superior authority.  Notice how many vax fundamentalists post and carry their injection certificates (modern Gesundheitspässe) with pride, as if it was a medal of honor — a bizarre activity not unlike young drug addicts bragging on Instagram about their drug use (one wonders, given the indefinite situation of the infamous "boosters", whether they are literally addicted), while at the same time acting as if these injections elevated them to a special status, as if they had transcended to a higher form thanks to mRNA or adenovirus tech — a higher form that distinguished them as superior "from the lowly hordes of unvaxed to be looked down upon".
  • The seclusion of one's own ingroup, the hostility against outgroup members, and the conviction of the violent fundamentalist to be in possession not just of the Truth, but also from a sort of "divine grace" — of having been "chosen" — manifests itself as open hatred against the outgroup, which transforms itself into intimidation and violent aggression against the outgroup.  With that, the final step into society-wide terrorism has been completed:

A reader sent us this photo.

One might be tempted to dismiss this picture as an one-off event — but the suggestion begs the question: is it really?  Is it conceivable, in a society with an atmosphere of respect for people who refuse unwanted medical treatment, that a self-styled "activist" takes time off his day to purchase a can of spraypaint, with the express purpose of graffiting "murder the unvaccinated" on public signs?  Or is such an activity not an obvious result of the complete process we have described above, a process for which members at every rank of the federal and state governments are just as responsible with their messaging and lawmaking, as responsible as the rank-and-file we reported about yesterday, and those who delegate and commission the dirty work .  Did the process of Nazification and the Gleichschaltung not follow the exact same path in the Third Reich?

The fact that the whole pandemic campaign is dogmatic rather than rational, are clear in light of the myriad proofs of (1) how unnecessary these injections are (2) the adverse effect risks of these treatments, and (3) how useless these therapies ended up being.  We can summarize the concrete steps that lead us into this fundamentalism thus:

  • Absolutization of one's own conviction, sanctioned by a "higher power", with comprehensive authority: only the vaccines will allow us to return to normal, and only when everyone is injected will we finally defeat SARS-CoV-2.
  • One's own faith is The Truth, fundamental to the formation of a group, key to a growing radicalization and disparagement against those who think differently, especially those who defend liberal ideas: everyone who disputes the effectiveness and need of the vaccines, and who questions with facts that SARS-CoV-2 is a killer virus, is a covidiot, with whom nothing should be discussed, and who should be ostracized.
  • One's own ingroup must be elevated, as if with a higher purpose, while others must be declared as enemies or subhuman.  The faith in one's own mission is so intense, that it begets urges to do something — possibly violent — so as to change the existing "evil order".   In the current Zeitgeist, in which hysterical vax fundamentalists not only think they've "saved the world" because they got stuck with needles, but also truly believe that everyone else is a danger for the life and limb of everyone else, you don't need to be a prophet to imagine that many will believe themselves morally justified in visiting violence against those who rejected coercive medical treatments.   The Verordnungen zum Schutz vor Neuinfektionen are already a form of State-sanctioned violence against "the unvaxed", since they discriminate and eject them from being part of society; if you want to partake of these activities proscribed to you, you will be violently removed and then punished more.  State terrorism is already a fact in Germany [n.b. as well as in other States, as you my kind reader already know]  And when the State has laid the basis for terrorism from one social group directed to another, it usually does not take too long for "motivated individuals" from the first group to begin violently attacking and terrorizing individuals from the other.

All of this is extremely depressing for all of us who enjoyed the freedoms of the 1980's and the 1990's.  We must all learn the fundamental lesson that our Zeitgeist teaches us: societies whose members don't fight nor advocate nor stand up for freedom, who let themselves be pawns of political fools and apparatchiks, perhaps do not deserve to be free.