The parable of the wine

published Dec 28, 2021, last modified Feb 01, 2022

Is that wine really in your best interest?

The parable of the wine

β€” Hello, friend!Β  Drink this wonderful wine 🍷.

β€” Much appreciated, but no thank you.

β€” Be a good guest...drink the wine. 🍷 We uncorked it especially. It's a beautiful and rare vintage.

β€” No thank you. I appreciate the offer though.

β€” Drink the wine 🍷. It's very expensive but you can have a glass for free, and we'll give you an extra plate of supper.

β€” No I'm fine as I am.

β€” Drink the wine and we'll feed your entire village for a week and reduce your taxes.

β€” Wow all that for wine? What's in it? Still, no thank you.

β€” We'll make you a Duke.

β€” How unusually generous, but no thanks I'm content in my home.

β€” Drink the damn wine or we'll stop you working.

β€” Say what now?

β€” We'll ban you from markets.

β€” Wow your tone just changed.

β€” Now you need to drink 3 glasses 🍷 🍷 🍷 or we'll stop you riding your horse or seeing your family for the next year.

β€” Wait, what? 3 glasses? Can't see my family?

β€” Did we say 3 glasses? We meant 3 bottles.

β€” 3 bottles? 🍾🍾🍾

β€” Yes...every few months we want you to drink 3 bottles of this particular wine we've prepared, indefinitely, for the next years

β€” Years??

β€” Yes, or we'll try you for treason.

β€” Ok what is in this damn wine that you are trying so hard to get everyone to drink it?

β€” We can't tell you. Trade secret.

β€” It's poisoned isn't it? ☠

β€”''s just really really good for you. It's, errr, special healing wine.

β€” Then why all the threats?

β€” We just need you to...I mean we strongly encourage you to drink the wine so you don't miss out. 🍷

β€” But the Earl drank a glass and collapsed.

β€” Unrelated.

β€” he was fine then had a glass then keeled over...he's still on the floor writhing. Look at him! His face is blue and he's clawing at his chest!

β€” Coincidence. Guards...please escort the Earl to his chambers. He's had too much wine.

β€” Aha! I knew it was the wine! What about the rest of the court? Half of them also collapsed after the wine.

β€” Those guests got ill from something else. Probably the chicken.

β€” All at the same time?

β€” You sure do ask a lot of questions! Guards! Guards...get this man his wine. 🍷

β€” I don't want it. What if something happens to me after drinking it?

β€” We're not liable for that.

β€” Not liable for the wine you produce? I definitely don't want it.

β€” Drink your wine so everyone else doesn't get a hangover.

β€” Huh? That makes no sense. Maybe if they didn't keep drinking they wouldn't get hungover in the first place?

β€” Look at these paintings of people drinking wine all over the gallery. Look how happy they look!

β€” Paintings? Look, I don't drink wine. I don't want the wine. Even the idea of drinking this wine now leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

β€” Ah, no matter if you don't want to drink it.

β€” Ok good. Let's drop the subject now.

β€” You don't have to drink it. We can pump it directly into your veins. You won't even have to taste it.

β€” Wait, into my veins? Are you serious? I don't want your damn wine!!

β€” Take the damn wine 🍷 now!Β  We've already paid for a whole crate for each member of your family!Β  We've signed an ongoing contract with the distillery!Β  Anyone who talks badly about this wine will have their tongues cut off!Β  People who are now drunk on the last batch will be reclassified as sober and must drink the new batch!Β  And we want your kids to drink the wine too!Β  Even your baby!Β  Swap her 🍼 bottle for wine! 🍷 She's old enough for wine now!Β  Everybody drink the wine!

This is how absurd the whole vaccination conversation sounds to me.

Anytime anyone tries so hard to pressure you into's rarely (if ever) because it serves your best interests or because it's actually good for you.