A program of reckless endangerment, in the name of "the public good"

published Dec 29, 2021, last modified Feb 01, 2022

Video proof Fauci knew all the important safety tests were skipped for the injections, and was aware that vaccine candidates sometimes make patients and infections worse than no vaccine at all.

A program of reckless endangerment, in the name of "the public good"

This video was deleted at the original source, but we're bringing it back to ensure no one forgets these crucial statements.

He knew.

The Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) Fauci, precisely outlined in this video, occurred in 2016 with the Denguevaxia vaccine. It killed over 600 Filipino children. The Philippines politicians, bureaucrats and French Pharmaceutical company executives of SanofiPasteur, who produced the vaccine, were charged with homicide for knowing what Fauci knows in this video, and still administering these vaccines. 

How many are dead today because of mRNA therapies having induced ADE?  At the very minimum, thousands or tens of thousands.  If you look at just the tiny segment comprised of young elite athletes, it's hundreds and hundreds of dead and injured.

Let's not forget now that the injections have negative effectiveness now.

Worse still — having known these risks so early, your rulers still decided to force these injections on you, with all sorts of coercive tactics, and they tried to suppress the information about all the people dying and getting sick from them.

"Safe and effective".  Hah.