Questions about COVID, answered curtly yet truthfully

published Jan 04, 2022, last modified Feb 01, 2022

If you have questions about COVID and the pandemic, here are your answers.

Questions about COVID, answered curtly yet truthfully

Q: I got my three vaccines, I got sick with COVID.  My friends got them too, they're sick too.
A: The shots basically don't work.  They stopped working months ago.  You got duped.  Surprise — you are in a pandemic of the vaccinated!

Q: Why are they locking me down?  I have my vax pass.
A: The purpose of the lockdowns was not about health.  It was about testing how much you could be fucked with.  You got fucked with, you let it slide.  Prepare to get even more royally fucked with.

Q: They told me that after everyone willing got vaxed, they would let me free.  They're still locking me down.
A: They lied to you.  You believed them.  That's on you.

Q: They told me that after everyone who didn't get vaxed was prohibited from being out in public, they would let me free.
A: See above.  Also, you must be a moron, since you haven't noticed that people from a caste higher than yours don't have this problem.

Q: Why is my best friend refusing to get the vaccine?  Doesn't he know I need him to get it, so mine works too?
A: Your friend, unlike you, is not an easily-duped moron.

Q: I felt really bad after getting my second shot, now my doctor says I have arthritis / myocarditis.
A: That is what happens when you rush to take a little-tested medication trumpeted by people in the payroll of their manufacturers.  That is also on you.  You probably get to live a shorter life — so make better choices with the time you got.

Q: People are getting sick with COVID even though only the vaccinated are allowed to congregate?  How!
A: You were lied to about this too, and you believed this lie too.

Q: They're gonna raise my taxes to pay for all these vaccines!
A: You oversaw the Sovietization of your country's medicine / health system; you probably clamored for it.  Now you get to live with the consequences.

Q: I can't travel / I can't see my family / I haven't seen my friends in a long time / I'm out of work!
A: Yes, sorry about that.  When you understand who did this to you, you will know who you need to eliminate.  You may want to rush, before they conclude you aren't necessary after all and eliminate you firstPro tip: it's not "the unvaccinated".