"No antivaxxer ever locked me down"

published Nov 24, 2021, last modified Feb 01, 2022

The minute they started defaming me and my family being an "antivaxxer", I understood what "antivaxxers" faced. Coordinated aggression breeds strange bedfellows.

I am not a vaccine sceptic, I simply refused to take them as one of the few means I have available to protest against lockdowns, particularly as the government here [UK] used covid-19 as an excuse to arrest well over a hundred political dissidents in a single day. This became more strident as I oppose the way that lockdowns and other restrictions have created an element of duress to taking medical treatment, and also the way regions of the country have set up systems specifically intended to discriminate against unvaccinated people.

To mandate vaccines is to state that humans are all born defective, and only become non-defective after jumping through state-approved hoops. It is philosophically corrosive to everything I believe in. It's the kind of thing that the avant-garde of progressivism would have called "biopower" before they conveniently forgot about the subject in 2020.

The hostile alien analogy is missing a key part in all this. The hostile actions aren't far in the past, but instead began in March 2020 with lockdowns, and remain ongoing. The moment governments around the world granted themselves unchallengeable authority over the minutia of private life, and placed their entire populations under house arrest, the growth of opposition to vaccination became inevitable. This is real, serious harm, inflicted upon billions. It's a scale that I still struggle to wrap my head around.

As the entire visible medical establishment fell in line with this power-grab, I consider them untrustworthy too. How can I believe that the average doctor cares about my health when the average doctor was happy for the British regime to abuse me like this? But I have enough skill to just read the vaccination study results myself and see that it's effective but not effective enough to leave the regime with no excuses to continue restrictions. That's all that ends up separating me from an active opponent to vaccination.

This is why opponents to lockdown and opponents to vaccination overlap. Despite claims that this is illogical because vaccines are a way to end restrictions (they're not, and Europe is currently proving this, Gibraltar most notably). Sure, this means I have some strange allies, but to crib off something that probably wasn't said by Muhammad Ali: No anti-vaxxer ever locked me down.

Slippery slope is not a fallacy, but rather has become an argument used by advocates for restrictions to justify them. Someone somewhere mandated vaccines in the past therefore it can be done again. Somewhere did facemasks in the past therefore it should be done again. Anything that can be slippery will be greased up and exploited.

Lockdowns aren't merely "too much power". Confining the entire population or subsets of it is about the greatest exercise of power imaginable... For the sake of giving an example of how you could one-up it, mandatory exploding collars attached to kill switches would be worse.

Crucially, this power is self-reinforcing. Lockdowns inherently make it illegal to oppose lockdowns beyond ineffective grumbling. In-person political organising against them? Illegal. Protesting against them? Illegal. The standard excuse for this is that we can voice complaints about them online, but that then gets labelled as "disinformation" and purged too. There are a number of countries that have now banned unvaccinated elected officials from being able to vote in their legislature. Public health morphing into the most convenient, all-consuming excuse to purge all opposition by declaring opposition to lockdown to be a public health threat in itself.

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