We told you: it never had anything to do with health

published Nov 14, 2021, last modified Feb 01, 2022

The point was always to extract your obedience at any cost... and to destroy your life if you refuse.

We told you: it never had anything to do with health

Remember how not even a year ago your media were telling you that health passports were conspiracy theory?

My, how fast do lies fly.

Slovenia: no pass, no gas.

[...] gas stations are required to see the green pass of anyone attempting to buy gas from the pump outside, if not provided, then the unvaxxed has to be turned away and is not allowed to buy gas

gas stations that have refused to do so are now getting shut down by the cops

Let that sink in — you can't even buy gas without a government document authorizing you to buy gas that requires you to have an injection against your will. How did we get to Soviet Union levels of control freakery?

What does punishing gasoline and diesel buyers have have to do with health? Nothing, of course — even if you are sick, you cannot make anyone else sick at a gas station, standing well away from any other person around.

If "health" cannot logically be invoked to explain why healthy vaccine objectors are being left without the ability to move, then what explains this coercion?

The purpose of a thing is what it does

The explanation is that the people ordering this abomination want you helpless, broke and dead.

All the lockdown has to do with, is open coercion in a global Apartheid regime — to reduce people opposed to the regime to subhuman, immobile, starving second-class animals, until they obey.  The lockdown's mask has fallen, and it reveals the true nature of what is was about — callous control freakery enacted by absolute nutcases with God complexes.

They are evil, and you know it.  If this new development does not prove to you the absolute psychopathy of the people running the global lockdown in every nation, nothing will.  Maybe you'll accept it when a family member of yours starves to death, because your rulers prohibited everyone (rather than just every restaurant) from selling him food.