Your government uses COVID-19 to abuse you

published Dec 09, 2020, last modified Feb 01, 2022

And this time megacorporations do the government's bidding. It's for your own good, don't you know?

Oh, is that so?


  1. Lockdowns.
  2. Lockdowns.
  3. Mask-up orders.
  4. Contact tracing; heavily armed arrests for dissenters on social media.
  5. Lockdowns; business prohibitions.
  6. Takedowns of social media posts that question the narrative.
  7. Monitoring of social media to find dissenters.
  8. Ever-changing "rules" for lockdowns, businesses, schools; first "masks bad" then "masks mandatory".
  9. Governors and executive agencies telling you their diktats are for "public health".
  10. Arrests for dissenters and protestors.
  11. Criticism of dissenters and critical thinkers, both from official sources as well as from servile people parroting them.
  12. The now-popular "covidiots" slur; Karens following the official narrative harassing unmasked people in public.
  13. The narrative about COVID — origins, severity, case numbers — keeps changing.
  14. Alternative / compromise proposals — such as the Great Barrington Declaration — have been dismissed or ignored.
  15. Placing the blame of the disease on you for not obeying their diktats.