Psychopathy is politics

published Jun 12, 2013, last modified Dec 28, 2021

They don't think it be like it is, but it most certainly do.

Most people tend to believe that psychopaths are scary, ugly-looking, weirdo criminal masterminds.  Inspired by this belief, most people also tend to believe that they are able to identify a psychopath, and therefore would never support a psychopath.

Problem is, except for the "criminal mastermind" part, nothing could be further from the truth.  Here is how a psychopath actually looks like:

Not much different from a politician in good looks, superficial charm, capacity to lie undetected, or ability to attract women.  He looks just like one of us.  This lady certainly is ready to wrap her legs around him (and we know historically that, in fact, many did).  Astonishing, isn't it?  Well, as you might or might not already know, this guy would be tried and convicted for serial murder later.

Psychopathy is a world-wide social problem because these people are everywhere, hiding in plain sight.  It is also a world-wide problem because they tend to gravitate to positions of power -- which should be obvious to everyone, because power allows them to enjoy the pleasure of dominating others with impunity.

Now, if you read this blog, you've probably accurately guessed where I'm going with this -- politicians -- so I'll ask you anyway:  Would you believe me if I told you that every one you support with a vote has an extremely high likelihood of being a psychopath, just like this man?  Well, you don't have to believe me -- Robert Altemeyer proves it with conclusive data.  

What's worse -- the impact of political psychopathy is far worse than the impact of pedestrian psychopathy.  Common folk psychopaths like the man above -- Alcalá -- aren't too much of a threat in relative terms; Alcalá really only managed to fool a handful of women into giving him power over them, and then he was caught.

However, the kind of psychopath people vote for, fool millions at a time into worshipping them and giving them power over the entire nation.  They get people to worship and obey them, even if they order everyone else to go murder other human beings, and to pay for such an abomination.  They demand obedience because "it's the law!", conveniently omitting the fact that they decided what "the law" is, so you're really obeying them.  They perpetrate (legal, of course) mass robbery to pay for their plans, (legal, of course) mass caging against anyone who disobeys, and (legal, of course) mass murder against anyone who resists them.  They scheme to disempower and sabotage anyone who might threaten their hold on power.  They lie and make up excuses -- some even deeply-rooted anti-rational cultural memes -- to explain away their abominable behavior.  They have these cultural myths taught to little children, forced to sit there in boredom for 12 years, repeating these brainwashing lessons until they dare not question why these psychopaths must be given power and obeyed.  They have everyone grovel to them for favors and attention, demanding donations so they can stay in power, or else they'll fuck your interests up.  And then they retire to live lavish lives better than the kings of yore.

Can you imagine how unabashedly good one must be at psychopathy, how exploitative in nature one must be, to get people to follow and worship you, when you do all the above?

This is an important question to ask, because it reveals the depth of the spell and the strength of the grip that these psychopaths have over the entire planet. You should by now have realized why no decent person ever wins in politics, why that is such a fundamental impossibility, and why politics is always absolutely corrupted by scruple-free psychopaths.  That's right, you're ruled by people who will callously have you thrown in a cage if you resist them, and then blame you for what they did to you.  And most people literally can't think about not abiding this.

So, when you ask yourself why there aren't any decent candidates (that don't end up lying once in power), when you tell yourself "I don't understand why Congress did this, or the President did that", when you're baffled that politicians didn't do as promised, when you plainly see that what they're doing is evil, when they order people to be treated like garbage, when they have others murdered with brutal violence, when you can't for the life of you comprehend "why would anyone of these wonderful people do such a thing"...

...when you ask yourself these questions, now you know the answer.  It's because they're psychopaths and you're not.  You can't conceive that anyone would these things because you're decent, but they're not.  They can calmly tell you what you want to hear while they ream you in the ass, and then they'll gaslight you into believing that the courtesy rape session was consensual.  That is fundamentally the kind of people they are, choreographed displays of charm notwithstanding.

Will you continue to support such evil?

If you do, you deserve the psychopath you clamored for.