Shortages are making people suffer, but, you see, "we don't know why"

published Jun 04, 2013, last modified Jun 26, 2013

Doctrinal ignorance.

In reading this alarming development, I see people wondering why there are shortages of medical supplies and services.  People like gimmeboobs, who states:

I still have not been able to get a good answer as to why this is happening.

Pretty much every statist is running around like a headless chicken, wondering what the problem with their society is, when the problem is staring at them right in their faces:

The people who call themselves Godvernment set up absurd and venal rules, then punish good people who run afoul of these rules.

But, you see, this is "not a good answer" because this answer is not compatible with the Directive Zero of modern "civilization": Statist doctrine.  Thus, this (observably verifiable) hypothesis must be simply discarded.  Cause and effect simply don't count when under the influence of the Holy Doctrine.

Fact is, you are not allowed to question the motives and the actions of the people making up the rules and punishing people who disobey the rules.  The Doctrine No One Shall Speak Of says that what they do is "for your own good", that their rule-making is "necessary and virtuous", that disobeying them is "evil", and that anyone ruined by these rules "was asking for it".  Disobeying the rules is simply *unthinkable* -- if you even dare suggest it, expect to be called every variation of the word "evil" known to the dictionary.

Remember, kids: every piouslaw-abiding man of science knows that the Earth couldn't possibly spin around the Sun, and if anyone thinks this conclusion does away with absurd epicycles, that someone just *has* to be evil and must be attacked.

Thus, people continue to die, while "we look for the answer" under the streetlight.

Adapted from this post.