Heard of the Salt Stack, or the Go programming language?

published Mar 28, 2013, last modified Jun 26, 2013

You should research them.

The Salt Stack enabled me to create an end-to-end continuous delivery system that takes literally seconds between the moment one of our developers checks in code, and the moment that the new code is running on our servers.

It's a thing of beauty. As soon as a build is done, the Salt event system is notified, the reactor kicks in, the runner figures out which machines need to be updated -- all from the coded specifications of the entire infrastructure -- and the machines get updated with the latest build. Never have I ever had the opportunity to work anywhere where a continuous delivery system was this clean.

The goagain Web server enabled our developers to create Web services that compile in seconds and, when deployed to the servers, experience literally zero downtime or refused requests while reloading the code on the fly. I am not exaggerating when I say that compiling a Web service takes less than it would take to run a single rake test. And the restart of the new build is done in milliseconds.

With these technologies in place, our pipeline is less than 30 seconds deep.

I am so... satisfied.