How to discover the latest base hash on your Urbit ship

published Apr 20, 2021, last modified Dec 31, 2021

For those times when you want to know "am I fully up to date?"

How to discover the latest base hash on your Urbit ship

The "latest base hash" is the hash identifier of the latest Urbit OS and app update, as applied to your ship.

To discover the latest base hash, type +trouble in your Urbit Web Terminal app (also known as the Dojo).  This command will show you all the base hashes for all the %desks (apps) you have running in your Urbit.

In the following screenshot, the things on the left column that start with the % sign refer to each desk on your ship — and each desk is generally used by a single app:

Screenshot 2021-12-31 at 07-54-18 Terminal.png

In older urbits — upgrade! — something like this will appear (the base hash is bolded):

> +trouble
[ [ %base-hash
[%sour-hash 0vi.g9k13.jlls1.n36gj.n1rod.13552.2ffts.2hov5.gj856.9mjti.fm1k5]
[%home-hash 0vb.4nh76.s0ctq.et0j5.d35vh.rip12.5idv4.g12hl.0fm28.0n1eb.068mh]
[%kids-hash 0vb.4nh76.s0ctq.et0j5.d35vh.rip12.5idv4.g12hl.0fm28.0n1eb.068mh]
[%glob-hash 0v4.m6t09.ego4v.atjn3.mn5p4.mchad %done]
[%our ship=~yoursh-ipiden point='14263696' life=[~ 10] rift=[~ 9]]
[%sponsor ship=~samzod point='1024' life=[~ 3] rift=[~ 0]]
[%dopzod ship=~dopzod point='4608' life=[~ 3] rift=[~ 2]]
"Compare lifes and rifts to values here:"
" life - getKeyRevisionNumber" " rift - getContinuityNumber"

If you see something like that, then your ship is way behind.

You can find more information — including relatively up-to-date desk/app hashes — at the Urbit software distribution FAQ.