How to discover the latest base hash on your Urbit ship

by Rudd-O published 2021/04/20 13:57:00 GMT+0, last modified 2021-04-20T13:58:22+00:00
The latest base hash is the identifier of the latest Urbit OS update, as applied to your ship.

To discover the latest base hash, type +trouble in your Urbit Dojo.  Something like this will appear (the base hash is bolded):

> +trouble
[ [ %base-hash
[%sour-hash 0vi.g9k13.jlls1.n36gj.n1rod.13552.2ffts.2hov5.gj856.9mjti.fm1k5]
[%home-hash 0vb.4nh76.s0ctq.et0j5.d35vh.rip12.5idv4.g12hl.0fm28.0n1eb.068mh]
[%kids-hash 0vb.4nh76.s0ctq.et0j5.d35vh.rip12.5idv4.g12hl.0fm28.0n1eb.068mh]
[%glob-hash 0v4.m6t09.ego4v.atjn3.mn5p4.mchad %done]
[%our ship=~yoursh-ipiden point='14263696' life=[~ 10] rift=[~ 9]]
[%sponsor ship=~samzod point='1024' life=[~ 3] rift=[~ 0]]
[%dopzod ship=~dopzod point='4608' life=[~ 3] rift=[~ 2]]
"Compare lifes and rifts to values here:"
" life - getKeyRevisionNumber" " rift - getContinuityNumber"

If the latest base hash does not match the base hash at, then your ship is behind.