Pure gold: on "friends" of your girlfriend

published Mar 19, 2011, last modified Jun 26, 2013

Roissy from the Chateau offers invaluable advice on "friends" of your girlfriend.

There's nothing better than being right. Okay, perhaps sex and food are better, but being right is actually quite good. From this article at the Chateau:

>>My girlfriend is “good friends” with two guys she’s banged in the past, one in the last six months. They were “friends first,” and then she banged them, probably during a dry spell.
>>She’s totally into me, no doubt. I am relationship gaming this chick. I want to avoid beta bullshit with her two “friends.”
>>What to do?
>Huge, unfurled red flags snapping in a strong northerly wind. Why do women remain “good friends” with men they’ve previously banged? We know the men couldn’t have been hopeless betas, because she did spread for them. Therefore, we can presume this isn’t a situation involving cloying, celibate beta orbiters with no game. So we are left with these main reasons:
>1. She likes that they have this “shared past”. This makes the friendship more taboo, and hence, exciting for her, even if she does not feel especially attracted to them.
>2. These two guys are low investing alphas that she screwed for pleasure but decided against seeing in a relationship because they were the love em and leave em type. She continues the friendship because she likes the horny feelings she gets while enjoying the pleasure of their quasi-platonic company.
>3. The two guys really are losers and she pity banged them, or sport fucked them during, as the emailer said, a dry spell.
>None of these three reasons bode well for your LTR with her. If (1), she is a taboo junkie, and will likely cheat. If (2), she is a cock carouseler, and will likely cheat during her next ovulatory phase (preferably after she has ensnared you in marriage). If (3), she is an undiscriminating slut who will cheat on the flimsiest pretext.
>“Good” friendships with past lovers is a no-go. No man should accept that in his LTR. Since there is a small chance she really does love you and isn’t cheating on you with these two guys, or thinking about cheating on you, avoid any unnecessary LTR-killing confrontations by first snooping through her stuff for any evidence she may be “taking it up a notch” with her two man friends. Expect to find such evidence. Quietly pack your stuff in the middle of the night, and tape the evidence to her fridge door for her to find in the morning. Delete her phone number and block her calls.
>If you don’t care about potentially soiling the LTR with a powerful ultimatum, confront her with your demand that she cease seeing the two past lovers. Tell her this is non-negotiable if she wants to continue being with you. Watch her reaction closely.