Psychos in black robes: traffic "court" edition

published Dec 19, 2011, last modified Jun 26, 2013

Marc Stevens brings us a recording directly from the wolf's mouth

I quote from Mac Stevens' site:

This is a rare audio for me; we have very few recordings from court proceedings.  Judges tend to be afraid of being recorded.  Despite the rules permitted recordings, judges, especially traffic court judges, always refuse recordings.

My opinion is recordings are refused because most traffic court judges are gutless psychopaths; they tend to have extreme anger issues and fly into screaming fits of rage when asked simple questions.  Why would they want to public to see or hear their screaming fits?

This is from a traffic “hearing” done on the phone a few months ago.  It was done on the phone, the court was on one line, and I was on another.  Yes, this may be considered the heinous crime of practicing law without a license.  Where would they prosecute that?  It involved a court in Oregon, a defendant in California and I was in Arizona.

This traffic court judge insisted there was a valid cause of action and he had jurisdiction.  He has no patience at all when questioned about this though.  He is repeatedly asked how many elements are in a valid cause of action and where they are presented in the complaint.  The judge refuses and insists the man I was helping did not want to proceed.

If there was a valid cause of action, then the judge would have calmly answered the question.  That’s how honest people conduct themselves.  Instead he got mad and continued the trial to another day.  Of course, there was no trial as the cop conveniently did not show up.  The ticket was thrown out and no failure to appear charge was issued against the cop even though he blew off a subpoena.  All my messages to the sheriff’s department regarding why the cop did not show went unanswered.

We know why though.  Traffic courts are run by criminals in black robes and uniforms.

Follow the link above to hear the recording with the "judge".