Who profits from transsexualism?

published Apr 17, 2022

Always follow the money.

Who profits from transsexualism?

The current craze about transsexualism ("trans") is more than just a fashion — it is an industry that is multibillion dollar in size.

Who profits from increasing the number of transsexuals and the intensity of their mental illness?  Let's see:

  • Pharma.  Transsexuals are lifelong consumers of hormonal and psychoactive medicines.
  • Surgeons.  There are thousands of surgeons exclusively devoted to the mutilation of genitals and other body parts in the service of the trans delusion.
  • Psychiatrists.  Keeping transsexuals miserable — accomplished by feeding their delusions and narcissism instead of treating these mental illnesses — keeps them tethered to the expensive psych couch.

That's a very limited list of all the people who profit financially from amplifying the disease.  Psychic profit — such as power attainment and brokerage — is not even mentioned there.

The average lifetime medical spending per transsexual male/female is estimated at least 500KUSD.  The medical industry estimates 1.4 million people in the U.S. alone. That's trillions of dollars per large country, potentially.  No wonder there's an insane race to see how they can get the most men/women to chop their penises/breasts off, then take pills perpetually.

When you understand how many people profit so cynically from the suffering of these individuals, you'll get why that disease keeps gaining more and more patients worldwide.