Beware these monsters

published Jan 31, 2016

They murder and brutalize people and other living creatures, and they lie compulsively whenever anyone wants to hold them responsible for their brutality. Let's look at examples of these gangsters' perversity here.

What you are about to see cannot be explained through a frame of reference that fits normal people. These are actions of the vilest, most abusive kind. They can only be perpetrated by sadistic, bloodthirsty psychopaths.  It is no coincidence that all the perpetrators belong to the same organization.  The gang they belong to will be obvious as soon as you start to watch.

Without further ado:

This shows a "drug offender" that was allegedly "resisting arrest". The video tells a different story.

This man was burning garbage in his backyard. That was the pretext the monsters used to invade his house, then a dog off on him. He needed surgery after that.

This man was ordered to raise his hands. He did so. Still was shot to death by the monsters. Their excuse? "He raised his hands in a 'threatening' manner." As you can see, even 100% obedience to the monsters is no guarantee that you'll be safe from them.

This guy was driving drunk. He crashed. What's the thing the monsters do then? As he tries to exit the wreck, they shoot him dead.

These two dogs were walking about. One of the gangsters guns both down. The excuse he gave? They were supposedly "growling and approaching him in a threatening manner". Video obviously shows that to be a lie.

Guy tried to rob a bank with a switchblade. Now, obviously that's bad, but the robbery was avoided. Instead of de-escalating the conflict or disabling the guy using pepper spray or tasers, the murderers just execute the robber in broad daylight. No choice but to murder him, obviously. Yes, that was sarcasm.

This guy already had submitted to the "authoritay" of the thugs. What's the next thing to do? Obviously, to inflict a brutal beating on him. What was their pretext for their atrocity? The magical "resisting arrest". One could be forgiven for believing that expression means "because we wanted to beat the shit out of someone"

This killer was prowling around private property, supposedly checking for a faulty alarm. A dog rushes towards him -- understandably, since he was in private property and without authorization of the homeowner, who was in fact nearby and could have been asked by the killer directly. Imagine the sadness and despair of the homeowner to discover her dog bleeding on its last breath


This woman had been taken against her will by the gangsters. They put her in a room, turn the cameras off, then when the cameras come back, she's lying on a very large pool of her own blood. She almost didn't live, and required extensive facial reconstruction surgery, which of course was not paid by the brutes who did this to her.

15 year old defies one of the thugs. The thugs obviously gang up on her and brutalize her in a cowardly show of superior violence. Goes to show that even being obviously weak and young is no guarantee that they'll be decent.

This thug violently pushes -- some would say curbs -- a woman into a concrete edge. The perpetrator had exactly zero reason to do that, unless of course we assume the only explanation: psychopathic sadism. The victim's face was broken in multiple places; she had to get titanium plates and face surgery to restore some of the damage... but not the terror and impotence of having been victimized like that.


Consider this: every time you pay taxes, you enable these murderers and thugs to continue perpetrating these acts.

He who can do as he pleases with you, without you being able to defend yourself, owns you.