The almost inconceivable evil that Operation Warp Speed begot

published Feb 02, 2022

The much-lauded government program to establish the "vaccines" (mRNA inoculations) has led America down a dark path. It is the strongest form of proof that delegating health care to the government is suicide with extra steps.

The almost inconceivable evil that Operation Warp Speed begot
This seal conceals great evil.

In scant two years, what begun under the name Operation Warp Speed has turned into the following disastrous evils:

  1. The establishment of a 100% unironic Soviet-style production and purchase program for many medical products (tests, inoculations, masks, and other COVIDian paraphernalia).  You have no say in how much is produced, how much is bought, how many you get.  The government (FDA) literally picks and chooses who makes money and who goes bankrupt.  All the "winning companies" coincidentally have friends in government positions key to their "success".
  2. The forcing of the entire populace to pay for these overwhelmingly unwanted and unneeded products, through debt financing, taxes and inflation.
  3. Carte blanche for Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and J&J to rob the United States taxpayer,  without the taxpayer having any say in the matter.
  4. Full indemnity and legal immunity for all the aforementioned merchants of graft, against any effects of their products on your body.
  5. Secret contracts with numerous clauses favoring them, and numerous clauses fucking you royally (including, of course, said legal immunity).
  6. Partial or complete suspension of your rights of association, movement, trade and other liberties you're supposedly guaranteed.  In some places you can't or couldn't even go shopping, eat in restaurants, or even accompany your dying family member.
  7. State and federal governments, as well as megacorporations, establishing both legal and internal programs of outright extortion — if you don't take the injections, you are fired and pauperized.  "Fuck you and your family specifically — it's your fault for not obeying our orders."
  8. A de facto and de iure two-caste society, with arrests, fines and physical violence for anyone who tries to live a normal life but rejects these abominable orders, even if they are demonstrably healthy and unable to transmit a disease they don't have.
  9. A profound, virulent hate against the large minority of people who resist taking up these coerced medical products.
  10. Forced captivity — quarantine — for people who are demonstrably and provably healthy.
  11. Shellshock-level learned helplessness and habituation of the populace, to the most absurd, schizophrenic, whimsical, arbitrary diktats from the ruling class.  Can't hug people.  You can eat in the restaurant but you need to cover your face to go to the restroom.  Five days quarantine, no, ten days, no, quarantine for the healthy.
  12. Cognitive damage to tens of millions of children, as a result of wearing a face covering daily for years.
  13. A mass pyschosis without precedent, with people doing the most irrational things, out of an epic years-long terror, constantly instilled in them by the authorities and their loyal dicksuckers the mass media.
  14. The death of science — slaughtered by professional liars and control freaks, so they could make a skin suit out of its bloody remains and wear it, while compulsively scolding you as "anti-science".
  15. Precedent for the entire world to follow in these evil footsteps.  After all, if America does it, surely it can't be that bad.

If you just take one second of your time to think back to late 2019, you would have no doubt considered all of the above 100% a hallucination of a completely deranged, mental, schizophrenic conspiracy theorist.  In 2022, it's a bitter conspiracy fact.

In a just world, every single person who ordered, supervised, or partook in any of these great evils, should go to prison in perpetuity.

We do not live in such a just world.