Capitalism sucks

published Feb 07, 2022

...exclusively for a certain class of people.

Capitalism sucks

Capitalism sucks:

  • For those who don't work.
  • For those who don't read books or otherwise learn practical skills that others demand.
  • For those practically born believing that the world owes them anything.
  • For those with an entitled attitude.
  • For those who choose to spend their time complaining about their (often self-caused) misfortune.
  • For parasites who live off legal violence, like bureaucrats, rather than from offering services people voluntarily want.

For everyone else, capitalism — no, not "what America does"; rather, the practice of private property and the freedom to trade between one another — is the single most useful mindset for improving oneself, one's family and one's community.

Let capitalism benefit everyone voluntary.  The losers can seethe.