The one thing you haven't heard about Joe Rogan, Peter McCullough or Robert Malone

published Feb 02, 2022, last modified Dec 30, 2022

And you won't hear it anytime soon.

The one thing you haven't heard about Joe Rogan, Peter McCullough or Robert Malone

Over the past two weeks, both the lying mainstream media and a gaggle of COVIDian bluechecks have been working double time to sabotage Joe Rogan, Peter McCullough and Robert Malone.

They have called all three pretty much every name under the Sun.

They have erased from mainstream sites — like Wikipedia — pretty much anything positive written and spoken about the three, while padding the same sites with slander and lies about the three.

They have attempted to blackmail Spotify in order to get Joe Rogan to stop — or, if he won't, to force Rogan to stop — having unfiltered conversations.

From this ugly crowd, we've heard an endless stream of accusations that these men are "evil merchants of misinformation", designed to generate an atmosphere of fearful urgency, to create invented pretexts for punitive actions against them.  They've spent hours and hours of airtime and tons of ink on this specific narrative rail.

Focus for a moment on what they haven't said.

You know the one thing those snakes and control freaks haven't done?

Not once have they uttered a single, logical, detailed argument, explaining how anything that Peter McCullough or Robert Malone said, was wrong.

Not once.  You'd think, y'know, after more than six hours of taped broadcast interviews, there would be false claims aplenty from Rogan, McCullough or Malone to pick apart in a calm way.  But no.  Zilch.  Zero.  Nada.  I know they've made mistakes — so why don't we hear about these mistakes from the self-appointed hall monitors criticizing the three?  As for the many accusations and insults proferred against the three, we have seen no material substantiation of these grave calumnies at all.

This pattern of behavior is all the evidence you need, to know that the people trying to sabotage Malone, McCullogh and Rogan, categorically do not care about arguments, about  truth, about knowledge; all they care about — their single monomaniacal obsession — is how to maximally vilify  their chosen victims.  They are hateful, evil, lying scumbags that cannot suffer truth, and therefore they must suppress it, no matter the cost — to you, to me, and to everyone else.

Anyone who spends time and time again trying to disparage, badmouth, criticize, defame, sabotage or attack anyone personally, while spending no time addressing his arguments, is an evil scumbag who wants to manipulate youIt is very important that you understand this: the manipulative scumbags aren't attacking Rogan, McCullough or Malone as an end unto itself They care very little about those three, and will promptly forget them before the next news cycle.  They are after your mind.  They are preying on your cognitive faculties, your understanding of reality, your capacity to inform yourself, and therefore your ability to make informed decisions.  By kneecapping — with lies, smears, and other forms of manipulation and deceit — people who bring unfiltered conversations to you, they sabotage you.

That is evil.  You should hate them for that.  Because they hate you.

I don't exaggerate here: only someone who despises you – who considers you barely above insecthood, who thinks that you must be denied the possibility to hear something new, who thinks that only he enjoys the divine right to tell you what to think – could dare to treat you in this way.

People like that, are your enemies.  You should revile them.

Argumentation is the weapon of the truth-seeker.  Manipulation is the weapon of the evil scumbag — the narcissist, the scammer, the psychopath, the true merchant of lies.  When you hear anyone badmouthing, uttering calumny, erasing or censoring anyone else — without presenting a single cogent refutation of their ideas — it is your duty as a thinking person to immediately identify him as a manipulator, assume he is a lying scumbag with zero scruples, and be skeptical of absolutely everything nontrivial they tell you, from that point on.  Even if you were provably wrong about that conclusion, it would still be the safest rational decision for you.

Never tolerate a manipulator.  Punish the liar by hurting him the most — loudly reject and mock his lies.