published Nov 13, 2008, last modified Dec 30, 2022

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This article from Larry Sanger articulates the principal reasons why neutrality in communication is important. It is reprinted without permission.

Mass murderers can't mass murder without the express collaboration of the public sector worker.

An examination of the lack of consent behind taxation. Animation by bitbutter (Tomasz Kaye).

Lacking understanding of human nature, most fans of universal basic income won't foresee this entirely predictable outcome.

An allegory for the individual addled by incapacity to consider possibilities outside the lines engraved in his mind by his masters, who gets angry at those who can.

Prepare — plenty of interesting Christmases await!

It's so big, most people have no clue they are part of it — but would gladly celebrate all brutality done in the name of it.

Learn about the Milgram and the Asch experiments — knowledge about the dark parts of humanity that have enabled every human-caused tragedy in history. Learn as well about the good parts of humanity — such as courage and conviction — that counterbalance the human tendency towards tragedy.

This is how the transition from a high-trust society to a low-trust society looks like. "Bruh, why does the meat have anti-shoplifting stuff on it?" Simply because barbarians from the area won't stop stealing it — not because of a local grocers' conspiracy.