The Great Reset is nothing short of global Communism

published Nov 04, 2021, last modified Feb 21, 2022

You may have thought the reaction to the pandemic was an organic response to a global health panic. It is not. It is part of a plan, already underway, to coercively manipulate every aspect of your life, at its most fundamental level: money.

The Great Reset is nothing short of global Communism

This is original work by Dirk, edited slightly by me.

The digital systems used to control vaccine permits (henceforth referred to as "passports") all have the potential (with minor or no modifications) to track your whereabouts, expenditures, activities and other personally-identifiable information.  They are increasingly becoming mandatory across the globe to lead a "normal" life.  Thus, they can also be used to coerce monetary policy more directly.

Not coincidentally, these systems and processes are supported, funded, propagandized and indirectly enforced by such disparate policymaking entities as the United Nations, International Monetary Fund, International Panel on Climate Change, World Bank, World Health Organization, Gates Foundation, Clinton Foundation, Soros Foundation, and many more extremely rich, powerful players on the global stage.

Given the players pushing for coercing these systems on everyone, and their stated interests, it is safe to say these systems and processes form the precursors to a new form of non-optional digital identity, which will almost certainly be linked to a new central database at the central bank in your respective country.  Note how this hypothesis easily explains the enormous drive to jab and test the entire planet.

As you know, one of the ten planks of the Communist Manifesto specifies total control, via central banking, of the monetary and financial system of a country.

Marx was thinking small — if you think global, you can achieve a level of control that effectively lets no one on Planet Earth opt out.

As you may already know, central banks (and their funders / supporters) are the cause of the worldwide financial mess we're in, and are the reason we're in a pseudo-pandemic.  Everything that's happening around us, from lockdowns and increased state control, to vaccine mandates and digital identities, is rooted in a series of policy frameworks developed with involvement of central bankers (and their partners in asset management and technology). 

The current coordinated shift towards what the World Economic Forum (WEF) refers to as The Great Reset was approved at a central bankers' meeting in Jackson Hole during 2019, which they called Going Direct.

Going Direct is a global strategy to rapidly introduce a new digital monetary system in which central banks "go directly" to the consumers, essentially erasing governments and commercial banks from the equation — that is, monetary policy and other powers of control, either traditionally reserved to legislatures of governments, or nonexistent in the present day, are granted to central banks.

The U.S. is already moving in this direction with a literal Communist at the helm.  On the international stage, the head of the Bank Of International Settlements (BIS), Agustín Carstens, said at the aforementioned 2019 meeting in Jackson Hole, that "central banks need to have full control over all transactions everywhere"

If you did not know this, then you should learn that the BIS is the central bank of central banks, and Carstens is a central figure there.  The BIS, in a very real sense, goes even higher up the food chain than the World Bank and International Monetary Fund.

By "full control", Carstens states directly that your spending will be "approved" or "denied" based on your social credit score or other factors decided, not by you, but by the authorities:

  • Certainly, with digital dollars, control over how you spend your money could be executed in countless ways. Monthly limits could be placed on how much you’re allowed to spend.
  • You may have significant savings in your account. But you can’t spend it, because you’ve already exceeded your monthly allotment. Too bad. You must wait until next month before you can make further purchases.
  • So, too, the digital dollars in your account could be assigned an expiration date. You must spend them by a certain date or they expire worthless. You must use it or lose it.
  • The timing and allowances for spending digital dollars would depend on the fabricated economic models of the central planners. What type of spending is needed, according to the planners, to best regulate the economy?
  • Is the economy slowing down? Then bring forward the expiration date. Is the economy heating up? Then lower people’s monthly spending limit.

Now that you know the what, let's discuss the how.

The plan of record is to replace your digital and physical money with a form of money you control even less than today's.  The new digital monetary tokens — necessary for central banks and governments to effectively implement these and other policies — are known as Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs).  CBDCs aren't a pipe dream.  Central banks, around the world, are beginning to develop CBDCs, including Switzerland, where the BIS resides.

This isn't conjecture of mine.  They admit it.  Let your own eyes watch Agustín say the quiet part out loud:

In other words: your wealth, already indirectly controlled by central banks, is going to be replaced by "good boy points", directly operated by control freaks — who have already stated very clearly that they will be able to pauperize you instantly, if they dislike you or you disobey them — with no practical recourse.

You will be reduced even more to a Pavlovian test animal, highly trained to respond to centralized stimuli, under perpetual fear that they can just zap "your" money after the fact.  If, for some reason, you successfully organize a resistance to one of their plans, you should expect them to react by using their newfound control to flick a switch that puts you, your people, and your region, into a situation of famine.

"But, but, but, they wouln't do that!  Would they?" I hear you say.  Well, Mao, Lenin, Stalin, and Pol Pot, all used famine and poverty as a mechanism to control the populace.  In 2022, Canada suspended the bank accounts of hundreds of people, in revenge for protesting peacefully.  As you know, control is a thing all psychopaths already do exercise, whenever given the opportunity, so let's cut the "that couldn't happen to us" train of thought.

If you do the mental math, it is easy to conclude that "vaccine passports" have nothing to do with a virus or a disease.  They are simply the precursor tool for the global ruling elite to implement global central economic planning — in other words, to impose on you their vision for fully automated luxury gay Communism.  Understand what "you will own nothing, and you will be happy" implies, when WEF states it giddily — because, of course, you can't afford to even display unhappiness in such a totalitarian system of control.  When they get busy "Building Back Better", what they mean is better for themselves.