New versions of RevvedUp and Burnin' R

published Mar 01, 2006, last modified Jun 26, 2013

This joint announcement has the pleasure to inform you that both RevvedUp (now at version 1.4.6) and Burnin' R (now at version 1.0.7) have new improvements, and this is a joint announcement basically because both themes have improved in the same ways.

To begin with, both themes have gained two new ad slots for each sidebar, above the fold. Each sidebar has a new ad space which, if enabled, will show ads right at the top of the chosen sidebar.

In addition to that, the famous In Series and Countdown plugins have been added as well. As if that weren't enough, the AdSense Logger, the newest Related posts and the Content negotiation plugin have been tested and work just fine.

Both new versions of the themes fix a bug in the footer which could cause invalid HTML under certain conditions (basically, when URLs contain ampersands).

Both themes have a fixed shoutbox size now, to avoid the problem of long lines messing up the layout.

Finally, a bug was fixed in both themes which could lead to bad rendering when WordPress serves pages with the right XHTML content type.

That's it for today. Get your copies now, while they're still hot! Or, if you want to get them in one fell swoop, with all the plugins, try Supercharged WordPress.